the Tour de Fat is in Durham today! #tourdefat #tourdefatdurham

yes... the Tour de Fat is on its second leg of the tour
DC has passed
Durham is today
the Tour de Fat is in full swing
images from the Tour de Fat on the Gwadzilla Facebook page

my contribution?
as a member of MORE I am the Shift Leader for Bike Valet
I also designed and built the prize belt for the winner of the Slow Ride
great randomness on these links

The Tour de Fat is a day not to be missed
it is a special day
a day unlike any other
the tour de fat is something different in each town
something similar... yet something different

I look forward to experiencing the tour de fat in another town on another day

it is a day of music and culture
there are bikes and there are beers
it is family friendly

I dig it... if you like bikes... if you like beer
I think you would dig it as well

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