10 Albums to Refute the Iron Maiden Singer's Criticism of Punk without giving the Opera Singer's Rant a Full Read

Lists... we love lists... let me throw down a list
a tequila fueled list

Iron Maiden's lead singer Bruce Something badmouth's Punk's ability to play the guitar
not sure of the best source
Punk Was Rubbish

I will argue this with records that were purchased when I was a 7th Grader and other albums that were recorded by high school students

okay... say what you will about Johnny Rotten... but Steve Jones was playing straight up Rock and Roll
1. Sex Pistols Nevermind the Bollocks

I almost forgot I was going to say something about Picasso and Matese's inability to paint because their shit looked nothing like Degas

okay... back on topic... back on point...
let me shoot through this
without gathering the links...

okay... we could stay early punk
David Bowie
The Police
Joy Division
okay... this is too easy
we already have not gotten out of the genesis of punk
well... okay... I left out the early early stuff... but lets just start with 1977

then leap to local stuff?
I could finish a top ten list with just stuff out of Washington DC... Stuff written by kids

Minor Threat... anything by Minor Threat... powerful lyrics but also artist chord progression... powerful chord progression. Everything by Minor Threat... from their first release to their last. All of their live recordings speak volumes. 

then... how about Government Issue Joy Ride... lots of great stuff by GI... but I will use this as a fantastic album that would have Bruce shut the fuck up from chord one... and having replay the album after the final chord

Rites of Spring... do not let the passionate lyrics and the intense 
but really... it is the guitar that draws you in and the guitar that keeps you there
amazing all around.

then to round things out I would go with Bad Brains I Against I
the previous releases by Bad Brains are amazing... but to avoid the raw feeling... I went for obvious
something that Bruce could not deny on the first listen
the earlier stuff would need a fair shake... an understanding of the sociology of the recordings

but really... if this guy does not get Flex your Head or anything that Maximum Rock and Roll ever put out
well... then he will not get this list
I liked Iron Maiden in an ironic sort of way
I always thought that his lyrics were cool in a funny sort of way
funny ha ha
but funny at
not funny with

so... in all honesty... I don't care enough to re read what I wrote just as I did not care what he had to write