a pedicab driver with the Capitol Building in the background.... I may not remember his name, but I remember meeting him before and I can find some reference to him on my blog

#folklife2014 #folklifecapture

I searched for "orange" on the gwadzilla page
did not get what I was looking for
then took the next logical leap
did a search for "flute"

orange brought up some fantastic randomness

flute brought up this image and some crap about the 12 Hours of Lodi Farms

snapped this shots on the border of the Smithsonian Folklife Festival
snapped the shot with a quick exchange in front of the Hirshorn
then he looped around to get a reminder of my blog
not everyone is an everyday Gwadzilla reader
I may be the last one.... and even I am not on the Gwadzilla page as much as I used to be

What is Lodi Farms?

nice shot...
it is the Indian... not the arrow
it is the cameraman... not the camera
my less than professional camera captures the shot pretty much as I intend it

yet I crave a more expensive\more advanced camera just the same

love that shot... the artist and the art museum
love the structures in the background
love the subject in the foreground
I should be teaching a photography course over here

yes.. Check out the Page!
share the page!
search the page
every blog... yes blog... blogger.com blogger
every blog has a search in the upper left hand corner

use it... then go to the Gwadzilla Facebook Page
similar but very different