I do not blog as much as I once did... I do not read blogs as much as I once did...

they say... misery loves company
but really... I do not want others to be injured so my injury hurts less
there is something about knowing I am not the only victim of gravity

Facebook does a good job of annoncing to the world the victories and the failures/mishaps of others
it is good for helping put things in perspective
really... I am on the bench and can not ride my bike... but what is this?
what is this when others like my cousin Jon is contending with cancer

gotta keep perspective

sometimes I lose perspective
when we focus too much on ourselves... we lose perspective

check in on Fatmarc to see how Buddy broke his collar bone while racing at Schaeffer Farms 12 hour race

check the Gwadzilla Blog for mentions of Fatmarc... it was years ago that Fatmarc passed me an obnoxiously large trophy for sportsmanship

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