my photos from the Tour de Fat are AWESOME... just scroll down and click on the links

yes... my photos ROCK!
I snapped some great shots from my limited perspective
sure a great deal of them were my kids
but if you were one my kids
you would have the exact opposite response

Great Shot of the energy before the Tour de Fat pre-ride not parade

what a great contribution to the Tour de Fat
all the volunteers bring something to the table
I am a volunteer
I view my photos as a contribution to the party

my son Dean kills it on a unicycle

a mini penny farthing
a not so high wheeler high wheeler

this woman should not leave the house without a hula hoop
the hula hoop becomes her

you would not believe what searching the gwadzilla page for Hula brings up
yes... exactly

if you dug the Reggie Watts show... you will dig these photos
scroll down


selfies... lots of selfies

family friendly
friends families

Nelle of WABA


Lindsay... a bike valet volunteer
and from what I can tell... an awesome person
after all... LOOK AT THOSE DOGS!

Peter Beers
WABA Bike Ambassador

Bikes are Cool!

this dog was wild off leash
but super cool on leash
I would not have bet on that horse

and that