The Biltmore Estate in Asheville NC... we enjoyed ourselves... but really.... I think I would enjoy it more without all the people and without the velvet rope... and of course... I am not a fan of the no photos rule

The Biltmore Estate in Asheville NC
it is amazing
it is expensive
it is crowded

I guess it is one of those "one time must see" sort of things

we enjoyed it
but I am not so sure it is my thing
I would prefer to attend a party at the Biltmore rather than to walk a through a velvet rose maze like cattle being lead to slaughter

there was a "no photos" rule in the Biltmore
I snapped a few shots
I could not resist
yes... I am bad

I snapped some shots with the iPhone and posted those
mention of the Biltmore on the Gwadzilla page

Asheville on the Gwadzilla Page

we should have bought the hat
but it is hard with Grant... he is always trying to work the system
so... I try not to give in to each and every one of his demands

we walked the grounds
the garden and the grounds were more fun for me than the interior
less constricting
then there was the farm

the kids fought me on things
but that is the way of the children
in the end... 
they had a good time

it is tough to be a parent

it was windy and cold
it was colder than we expected on our spring break trip