Neither of my boys made travel soccer... I am fine with it

ah... travel soccer

my boys are solid athletes
but rather than being single minded
my boys are variety pack athletes
not quite travel soccer material
but strong contributing members of their "rec" level teams

but they are also strong in sking, mountain biking, swimming, climbing, and basic kid stuff

being a parent at travel soccer tryouts is a difficult moment
even if I did not want them to play travel soccer
I would like them to be good enough to make the team
it is hard to watch then struggle against the higher level players

tough for a kid to break into the travel world when they are performing at a rec level

Grant wanted to make travel soccer
too bad for him he did not start focusing with that "want" several months prior

Dean on the other hand... Dean did not care either way
and well... you need "want" to achieve
soccer is not a game of "happy go lucky"
it is a game of want and desire

Grant had that want... I thought he had a chance of making the travel team
Dean... well... his happy go lucky attitude works fine for so many activities, but not soccer
climbing... skiing... and even mountain biking allow him to approach things his way
maybe he will learn to apply his calm to soccer
but at this point... it is not working for him

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