Neil Armstrong... RIP

Neil Armstrong...
when I was young and looked something like this chap in the photo I did a stint as a bicycle messenger
one winter day I was making a drop in the Hart Senate Office building

taking the stairs rather than the elevator I moved quickly to my destination
I came off the broad staircase and started down the hall making long strides
as I walked down the hallway towards Neil Armstrong he froze in place and stared
he looked at me as if he was looking into the eyes of a flying pink elephant

at the time I was tall and skinny 
wearing black wool tights and some sort of rain jacket as a top
Neil Armstrong looked in astonishment wanting to say something but unable to speak
as if he was offended by my less than typical appearance

it was a odd moment
he stood their frozen in place
watching as I approached
watching as I passed

I was just wearing the uniform of my occupation
but I guess I would stare at him if he came marching down the hall in his space suit

since I can not read minds... I am not sure what he was thinking
but I was amused by his behavior 

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