We all have an opinion on the Lance situation...

Lance in a suit... 
because Lance is involved in a suit...

every cyclist has an opinion on this one
personally... I believe honesty is the best policy
Lance dodged the truth by tap dancing around the questions
had Lance just tried to explain things to us non-world class racer types
things would have been better

no he has Elliot Ness on his tail

my opinion?
well... try to understand this

when I drive my car do I speed?
but that is not to say I go the speed limit... as the speed limit has its accepted parameters
I tried going 25MPH in a 25 Zone when my first son was born... it incited ROAD RAGE!
Literally... the same goes for 55 in a 55 zone... it is potentially dangerous
instead... I travel with the pack
never the most fast... never the most slow

I believe that Lance traveled with the pack
if Lance cheated... they all cheated

THE ONION summed it up best
Lance Armstrong Wants to tell the Nation Something

this is also funny from the Onion
Non-Doping Cyclist finishes the Tour