grant's first trip to kennywood

the family spent the day at kennywood
we arrived late
we stayed late
I am an idiot and should be asleep

grant was a natural
ate cotton candy, rode kiddie rides, rode adult roller coasters, played games, and ate corn dogs
it did not take any effort to get him to ride the 100 year old wooden roller coasters
he rode the rack rabbit several times
the line was not such an easy experience
the lines were not particularly long
but two and a half year olds are not much for waiting around

that shot with momma lisa is a tad misleading
we are actually riding some hundred year old turtles
that is the thunderbold behind them
neither dean or grant are tall enough for the thunderbolt

kennywood rocks
I wonder when dirt rag day at kennywood is?

dirt rag

in our over eight hours of kennywood
we did not ride all the rides
nor did we eat all the funnel cake and corn dogs that we wanted
we should have bought a weekend pass
fresh dirt from dirt rag magazine about tyler "dopey" hamilton