rites of spring... rites of passage

rites of spring
this is a fantastic album
they put on a fantastic show

in the capital of punk walking tour of DC one thing that the interviewees fail to make mention was that they were young
yes, they were doing some great stuff and great stuff was happening around them
so much of the energy that they were experiencing was the energy of youth

the punk to non-punk conflict is not dissimilar to the conflict that most adolescents have with other peer groups, authority, adults, and parents
the group house energy
that same energy is not entirely off from what college kids go through or other group house dwellers in their early 20's (even if it is being expressed differently)


the dc music scene was a village with many camps
camps were broken up into many groups and subgroups
there were captains and kings of various camps
some were musicians
while others were fans
age often dictated the stratification
as did what high school someone attended
who your big brother or sister was
it was a fun time to grow up
I would like to think that all people think that they experienced a fun time to grow up
maybe a post adolescent may want to boast that their experience was the hardest