banned in dc... a year book for the kids who did not want to be in the year book

banned in dc
banned in dc official site
banned in dc at myspace

this is a great collection of images telling an amazing story

or at least part of an amazing story

it is a limited perspective
it is a bit of a clique
altering importance by perspective
punk rock was sort of the clique-ish anti-clique
sadly... dc punk rock may have been more of a clique than the cliques in high school

which is fine
as most of the people at this time were teen agers
and well
adults tend to be as surface as children
so, why should I expect more from teen agers?

why should the punk rock kids be any different than the jocks or the advance placement students?

the cliqueishness may have molded the growth of the scene
it may mold the historic presentation as well

perhaps Cynthia Connelly will come out with a re-issue DAD IN DC
taking pictures of the punk culture 20 years later... some married with kids
some of them still very active
some still very punk
some of them moms and dads

wikipedia DC HARDCORE
what high school clique would you be in?
what dc hardcore band are you?