Oh Deer... late night walkers, dog walkers, and poaching mountain bikers... beware

Deer Management in Rock Creek Park
info on Prince of Petworth

then there are people protesting the culling of the deer

the deer are out of control
there are no natural predators
the deer are eating all the ground cover
the number of deer outweigh the space they occupy like a crowded fish tank

it is my contention that fewer deer would be better for the deer and better for biodiversity
as well as better for my hostas in my front yard

I love the deer as much as the next guy
but without natural predators the numbers have grown out of control
in addition to the deer and their ability to eat all the ground cover
the deer are also major contributors to the East Coast Lyme Epidemic 

Lyme on the Gwadzilla Page
now that is a link worth chasing
I pulled a tick off myself a few weeks back
I am monitoring myself... hope that I am in the clear