PAUL IS FAST! Paul Already has his shots up from last nights DC Bike Party!

Paul Lagoy's Photos from the 2015 DC Bike Party Holiday Hustle

thanks Paul
great seeing you
fantastic shots... maybe your best yet!
also good to see you in the neighborhood

a scan of the Gwadzilla Page for Paul brings up some sadness in this Holiday Season

Matt being Introspective

a scan for Matt also brings up some additional sadness

hanging with Eric and Angela at the DCBP
DCBP and DC Bike Party on the Gwadzilla Archive

lots of solid friendships built around the DC Bike Party

Angela is always the "Bell of the Ball!"
Eric also brings some energy and a plan... very cute couple

glad I was able to attend
it was good for my Holiday Spirit
it was good for my Holiday Soul
always better to live life rather than to hide from it

the weather was kind to us
but we have had snow and rain for the DCBP
and those days.. those rides
those days... those rides...  were some of the most fun

good times at the DC Bike Party
sorry that you are closing up shop for the winter season

yes... wonderful photos from the DC Bike Party
gotta love photos from the DCBP!

last night a bit before the gathering at Dupont Circle for the DC Bike Party I ran into Paul  Lagoy as I was walking my dog...

Paul had seen my bike on my car in front of my house and offered me a ride to the DCBP
I told him I would love a ride... but I had to handle some car pooling

we talked about the notion of driving with the bike versus just riding to the event and then riding back

me... I had more to do before I rolled back downtown

needed to get my son from rowing practice and drop him off at his mom's
drop off his friend from rowing in Adams Morgan
had the bike on the car
thought I would just park and ride if it were getting too late to drive home and ride from home

ended up driving home and then riding downtown to Dupont

my fitness is waning... good for me to get on the bike
must say... that last push from the bar to home after the day of work... the ride home... the carpooling... then the ride back downtown 
only to be followed by the slow rolling DC Bike Party
then the soft pedal home

the miles add up
the slow ones and the fast ones

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