Chocolate City Cycling threw an AWESOME party this weekend past... Paul snapped some shots to help tell the tale

good times hanging with the Chocolate City Cycling crew at the Colony Club...

Chocolate City Cycling

Chocolate on the Gwadzilla Page
worth a glance for previous mentions 
while also some images of their riders in action

and then City

ping pong?
not beer pong
but ping pong!

there was a ping pong table on the second floor which lead to a ping pong tournament
fun stuff... I got eliminated in round one by Danny K.
his game was superior to mine
I was just pleased not to get totally schooled
fun just the same

Danny on the Gwadzilla Page

Tadael and I discussing important things... PIZZA!

good times for sure...
I did not stay for the raffle
but my tickets did not win
so... it made sense to head north to be closer to my bed

good times for sure
lots of good people
lots of talk about bikes
pleased to be part of this culture

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