I have never understood the African American Skinhead or the Black Skinhead... Never understood why there would be someone considering themselves a "good" skinhead... that is like being a good Klansman

a handsome young man with a well assembled skinhead uniform


I get it
that whole Rude Boy Ska thing
the Specials... English Beat...
I get it... but I don't really get it

Skinheads and their uniform are based around racism and hate
sure... it may be a fashion show here in the states
but their roots stem from hate
so why adopt this uniform?
unless you subscribe to those views

Skin... Skinhead... Lefty
all make for interesting topics of discussions


Unknown said...

The skinhead look is not based around racism and hate at all.

Unknown said...

Why post this kind of shit if you have no clue what it is your talking about. Anyone who calls themselves a skinhead and a racist in the same breath isn't a skinhead at all. Take that to the fucking bank! And fuck anyone who calls it a fashion show. Don't know what I'm talking about? Do your research ya pratt!

gwadzilla said...

It is 2016...

I am not sure...

Is the Skinhead movement still a thing?

Is Punk Dead?

gwadzilla said...