it is hard... so often I disagree with my peers... but I can not let every conversation be a debate

so I was talking with my neighbor the other day...
we were talking about the car behavior in the neighborhood
there was talk about stop signs and stop lines... bicycle behavior... and speed bumps
in this discussion my neighbor told me that he was doing his part for the environment by not stopping at stop signs

I guess my facial expression was enough for him to understand my response

before words could exit my mouth surrounded by a dumbfounded face he pointed to his car
"look at the size of that thing... it takes a lot of energy to get it moving"

now I get that who concept of momentum

that is one of the basic premises of the bicycle running the stop sign
but the car
well... it is just not the same thing

rolling through the stop sign to save gas?

that is as obnoxious as my friend who said he could not stop at stop signs because all the stop and go make his daughters car sick
the logic of both parties fail me

make complete stops at the stop line at stop signs
give more than a glance to see whose turn it is
yield to pedestrians and cyclists
then proceed when it is your turn

that style of driving is not working
it is dangerous to any and all around you
be alert
be considerate
be safe
be smart

there are so many ways to save fuel
driving less versus running stop signs would make mores sense
when driving... be efficient... avoid unnecessary rapid accelerate and deceleration
piggy back your trips... run errands in a logical fashion

and then

I bet removing one plane flight a year would counter balance a person's carbon foot print a great deal

We all need to be responsible for our impact on the world....