this warm weather is confusing to all of us... I am seeing Cherry Blossoms in Bloom... just in time for Christmas... it is gonna be a pink Christmas in some yards

an old shot of the Cherry Blossoms at the Tidal Basin as I rode into work
I wore that blue shirt today on my commute
that pink fixed gear is no longer in my stable
no fixed geared bike for me currently

Cherry on the Gwadzilla Page

Blossoms on the Gwadzilla Page

that green Jamis went to flat bars and single speed
well... that bike is geared and drop bars again

then of course this BEAVER SHOT
Beaver Shots will always bring more hits
especially if it is a massive beaver like this one
yes... Beaver Shot at the Tidal Basin when passing by to check out the Cherry Blossoms
Beaver Shot on the Gwadzilla Page