my older son possesses empathy and compassion... well... for everyone but his brother

this is a story in the WashPo about a kid from my boys' elementary school
this young man Caleb was in my older son's class
for years he was paired up with him
hard to go into it
as I really was proud that he was able to be friends with this kid, but at times I wished that he was being linked with the "cool kids"

Caleb like many young boys did not track with the rest of the kids and was held back
then got into a groove the following year
next year he will once again be in my older son's school
but not his class

good kid that Caleb
for years I spoke with the parents about getting a trike or a hand bike.... or another low to the ground bicycle like vehicle for the experience of freedom that so many kids experience on the bike
emails the parents
called and emailed and finally narrowed it down to Mt Airy Cycles

not sure if they ever chased that lead


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