ran into Larry from King Face yesterday...

King Face
King Face was a somewhat atypical band out of the DC Hardcore scene in the mid-1980's
and when I say "hardcore"
the reference is the sub-genre of punk... not porn

King Face had a little more bravado than most DC bands
more machismo
a little more David Lee Roth and a little less David Bowie
to put it in lay person terms

yes, stepped out for lunch yesterday and ran into Larry formerly of King Face
although I never knew him... I said hey
we caught up
we talked like old friends

cool chatting with him... Larry has started a two drummer band with an ex-DC messenger named Rodney

King Face on the Gwadzilla page

more mentions with King Face as two words

lots of good stuff when the page is scanned for Rodney... but those one or two images I shot of Rodney before he retired from messenger work do not seem to surface with this basic search

that photo was from the King Face reunion show a season or two back
not from the original incarnation where the band was younger, thinner, and shirtless

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