some more photos from the June DC Bike Party...

Danny Lesh brings music to the party

strangers and friends share the experience

Lia Sermeretis is the Den Mother of these boy and girl scouts

a volunteer blocks traffic
this is called corking
this way the group can stay together
yes... red light running
but really
it is not that much of a hold up

okay... so... they run a few lights

but really... have you seen how cars drive?
I could take photos of cars running stop signs and red lights too

the corking?
maybe they keep a car from missing a light cycle or two
they can make it up by speeding on the following blocks

it is a pretty wholesome good time

entire photo set on the Gwadzilla Facebook Page

story about cyclist crashing... not entirely affiliated with the DC Bike Party
not riding with the group... not riding at a cruiser pace
the group does not run lights in this fashion
they use a peaceful slow rolling method with marshalls politlely holding off traffic
that method is called "corking"

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