DC is hot... DC is humid... riding with a backpack can be an necessary evil

back to the grind...

unemployment is not fun-employment
found a nice six month contract that is getting me back into the swing of things
as it turns out
my balance of testosterone to estrogen and the organs between my legs had it such that my wife did not see it fit for me to be a stay at home dad
but really... if I had a uterus
my part time employment and my time with the kids would have had me as an over achieving mom rather than a slacker dad

oh well... the world may be ready for the modern woman
but the world not quite ready for the modern man

that said... I am back to commuting... 
a short ride in and then an extended ride home
good to be logging mandatory miles again
that has me sweating it out in cycling gear and then changing at work

as they say in Bangkok... it is hot is it Washington DC hot
and it is not the heat... it is the humidity
swimming to work on the bike would describe my commute

unlike my last job where I had a closet all my own to hang my sweaty shit and leave a change of clothes at work
I have to lug everything including shoes and lock back and forth

good thing I have an ERGON PACK!

the Ergon Pack carries the weight off the back and balances the weight on my hips
so I can sweat... but I sweat slightly less as my back can breath
and I do not suffer an excess of pain
as the weight is on the waist strap and my hips rather than my shoulders and back

Ergon Packs

I have this Ergon Pack (an an assortment of other Ergon products)
all of which are "ergonomically" designed
I know... I have two packs (one commuter and one hydration) and then also some gloves and the AMAZING ERGON FLAT PEDALS

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