summer is coming... be careful out there!

funny... people and their aversion to the ocean due to shark attacks
it is absurd
respect the danger
know the high risk areas
do not avoid the water
just avoid the sharks

like a venomous snake... give it space and it is less than likely to cause you an problems

Shark Attack Statistics are quite low.

Car Accidents... Car Accident Statistics are HIGH!
the number of car accidents and fatalities caused by car accidents
well... those numbers are astounding
yet not enough to discourage people from driving cars or existing around them

maybe we can get Steven Spielberg to make a movie that has a backlash to get people out of their cars
it seems Duel did not have the dramatic effect on its viewers that Jaws did


so yes... be careful out there
drive responsibly
drive respectfully 
be careful
be smart

ACCIDENT? I have blogged on my distain for the misuse of this word

maybe we should alter our word usage
maybe it should be 
in so many cases the shark thinks that the surfer is a sea turtle or the fat american is a manatee

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