change in schedule.... making good use of my time and dodging the rain

snagged these shots off my Instagram Page

my schedule is about to change
went from full time to part time
was under employed where I learned that unemployment is not fun employment
tried working part time and being with the kids part time

now I am headed back to full time
so today... today on my last day of pick up from school I showed up on my bike
not on my bike making my son ride his bike... something that I dig and he often dreads
not even driving and bringing the dog where I take him on a short FORCED MARCH that he complains about until it starts

yogi berry and a trip to get gold fish from PETCO

there was some complaining
we worked it out
Grant rode double on the Jamis Single Speed built as a crossbike
the backpack stayed on my back
I worried about my weight on the handlebars and our combined weight on the wheels

we rode the downhills as a pair
Grant took to walking that became Parkour as we walked

we made it to Jamal's Park and Shop
or whatever it is called

Grant went to Petco and came back with 25 fish... not all of them Gold... but that is what they had as feeders
and with the raccoons and cats snacking at my backyard pond like it is Sushi at Happy Hour
that I would sooner buy a 29 cent silver fish then have them eat my several dollar Koi

we missed the rain
the city was braced for rain
it was funny
but not funny at all... the field trip was postponed due to "chance of rain"
what are they teaching these kids?

the frozen yogurt with its candy toppings  was a treat as we watched the city get soaked
we had actually intended upon sitting on the bench outside
but as I paid
the storm rolled in.... Grant moved off from the bench and I called him in

the storm did roll in
rolled in and an rolled through

the storm was gone before my frozen yogurt
and I eat fast

good day
enjoyed picking my son up from school

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