at camp this week... mountain bike camp...

Wednesday at Wakefield is not going to happen for me and the boys this summer
Wednesday at Wakefield WAS a summer highlight in years past for me and my boys
but not this year
last year we went to Colorado... 
this year... there is no Colorado for me and the boys

well... hopefully the boys riding mountain bikes at camp will balance the scales

this week at camp I was proud of my older son for riding in the advanced group
I was also proud of my older son for accepting that he got to ride with the more advance group which by proxy separated him from his brother, his cousins, and an assortment of friends
all of which were put in camp by their mothers so they could hang out together
then today....

today my younger son got bumped up to the more advanced group
yes... my younger son got bumped up to the more advanced group
and they went to GAMBRIL STATE PARK!

I too am bummed about missing Wednesday at Wakefield
and sure... I am bummed that there is no Colorado trip
but it is not about me
it is about the kids and the kids' development
their development as people and their development as young athletes

their development makes me proud
but I am still bummed about not getting to experience this development with them

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