motorized vehicles are not bicycles... not scooters and not eBikes... so why do the owners of these motorized vehicles go where no motorized vehicles are prohibited?

this is odd... quite odd

not sure how this slipped through the cracks

Scooter Rider boards the Red Line Train at Chinatown and heads to Shady Grove
never dismounting his ride

hopefully he cut the engine

but... this action is consistent with much of the eBikes and Scooter users in the city
so often these motorized vehicles are driving where they are prohibited
bike paths... bike lanes... the tow path on the C&O Canal

it is frustrating enough to get buzzed by a car on the street
but to be buzzed on the bike path by a motorized vehicle?
that is even more aggravating
in part the aggravation is also because these people should be on the street and they are misrepresenting the cyclist

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orillia3 said...

You are confusing motorized vehicles with motor vehicles. Motorized vehicles that are not motor vehicles include motorized wheelchairs, disability scooters, kid's toy cars and electric bicycles (ebikes). Electric and conventional bicycles are allowed on Washington DC subway during restricted hours. This ebike was seen riding the platform which is not allowed.