Unwanted Televisions....

Unwanted Television on FACEBOOK

so often I see people throwing away electronics
just the other day I watched as someone threw an old scanner into the trash
as I passed on my bicycle I tried sharing that eWaste does not go in the trash
but... like so many people...
this guy just wanted to take the easy way out and get rid of it

yes... there are scheduled eWaste Recycling dates
but... we need to make it more easy for people
we need to get the word out that there are many things that do not go into the trash
more batteries go into the landfill than to recycling centers
this needs to change

kids electronic toys...
electronics... many with batteries
not trash

I try... I definitely try
right now I have two large bags of old electronics and cables that I need to purge
but with kids soccer and such I have not been able to get to the eWaste drop dates at the local dump
need to call someone who does pick up and will reuse and recycle the items that can be recycled or reused

any recommendations of eWASTE pick up services in Washington DC?

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