in an interview with Jason Farrell there is a quick nod to some of his older friends who introduced him to certain aspects of music and culture that help to mold who\what he is today

image of Jason Farrell and Shawn Brown of Red Hare at the Black Cat

interview on Double Cross XX
Jason Farrell Part III

I will have to disagree on a thought about Bells of
Jason mentioned Rites of Spring influencing Bells of
oddly enough.. I experienced Bells of before Jason
heard Lawrence's song's in Bleu's bedroom
where I often was handed the bass as he would write songs and give me nods when to change one string notes

I recall going to Food for Thought for what I believe to be Rites of Spring's first show and coming back to Lawrence saying... "you gotta hear this... they are playing the same style of music... they are ripping off your sound"
or something to that effect

Rites of Spring is still one of my favorite bands to come out of DC

it was then that I considered this to be an unattached stream of consciousness of sorts

SOME EPIC RANDOMNESS when I search my page for Jason
if you know jason... or are interested in jason there are some choice nuggets in here

RED HARE on the Gwadzilla Page

I will refrain from adding links to Lawrence or Bells of
as this post is about Jason and not Lawrence

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