Diane Lane...

last night I saw the film MAN OF STEEL
enjoyed it... saw it with my kids for my older son Dean's 12th birthday
yes... enjoyed it

Diane Lane plays Superman's "earth mom"

well... she is definitely aging gracefully

Diane Lane was AWESOME when I first saw her in Rumble Fish
Diane Lane is AWESOME NOW!

Rumble Fish is a fantastic film

just realized Laurence Fishburn was in both Rumble Fish and Man of Steel as well
my kids were a little bummed to see Morphius so barrel chested
okay... they said fat 

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Bruce's Bike Blog said...

Rumble Fish was filmed in my hometown, Tulsa, OK. many of my friends were extras back in the day. The book by S.E. Hinton is not bad - you'd find it in the teen or young adult section of the library. Its still one of my favorite movies! Cheers! Bruce