a comment I made on the MyBikeLaw Facebook Page

someone made a comment about seeing a cyclist "blow through a red light in a MyBikeLaw jersey"

MyBikeLaw mentions on the Gwadzilla Page

it is an odd thing... the notion that a cyclist must obey the LETTER OF THE LAW
the lights are not timed for bikes
for a cyclist to stop at the stop sign even when no cars are coming? really?

in our transportation whether on bike, on foot, or in a car there are accepted parameters for "breaking the law"

cars do not see the Speed Limit as an actual LIMIT
pedestrians often cross mid block or walk when it says Don't Walk

for a cyclist to obey the letter of the law does not make sense
that is not how our system works

they should not contribute to the chaos
but they need to fit into the chaos

I ride my bike nearly every day... when obeying the law I doubt that the cars around me think, "hey, look at that great biker doing the right thing"
no... they feel what they feel
if it is distain... they feel it.. whether I am breaking the law or not

seeing me run through a stop sign just gives them something to put their finger on

I rolled through a 4 Way Stop Sign in a residential neighborhood as was yelled at by a car driver who was a block away when I passed through
when I glanced back.. he was past the stop line and blocking the cross walk... in effect... he had rolled through the stop sign... and more than likely would not have stopped if it were not to yell at me

my thought...
I was approaching a four way intersection
there were no cars, bikes, or pedestrians there
It would be my turn next
so... I went through

when instead
when I make a complete stop at a stop sign... car drivers do not give me my rightful turn

(but really, cars do not give me my rightful turn when in my car)

but really...

I get it...
the bicycle's full compliance with the law is not as important as riding defensively and putting yourself where you are most safe
which may often mean not obeying the law

I know... here in Washington DC
if I were to go for an hour ride and obey the law
and not avoid the dangers
I would not survive that hour ride

riding to the right and staying to the right
well... that can be dangerous

bike lanes alone can be a death trap
knowingly putting cyclists in the DOOR ZONE

enough on this
this rant is better suited by my not so text rich Bicycle Blog from DC
photos of DC Cycling Culture here

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