Raquel Welch... AMAZING!

Raquel Welch and Salvador Dali
then Raquel having fun on a banana seat bike in the surf
too cool

in the morning in Mount Pleasant...

kids... seeing more kids on bikes...

saw this father son pair in Mount Pleasant Street as I was rushing the straight route from work to home so I could be on time for Back to School Night at my younger son's school
they were headed across town
dad had just picked up his son from school

I have great memories of a similar after school routine with my boys when they were his age

in the early years it was all about the alley
trying to keep the kids away from the dangers of the car culture
but the boys quickly outgrew the up and back
ramps and jumps were fun additives to the mix

but we eventually used the bikes for transportation
when they were training wheel age I would walk as they road
I would bargain with them
get them on the bike and have run an errand to the box store or the bakery
they got what they wanted... I got what I wanted

then...  bikes were not only for transportation
bikes were used for sport and for fun

so many good times
so many great memories

I really have enjoyed sharing my love of the bicycle with my two sons
great to see other moms and dads doing the same with their kids

youth cycling is growing

 Wakefield... we need to get to Wakefield more often

this was a bike ride around town before we went to see Jake Shimabakura
Dean enjoyed the ride more than the concert

Diamond Derby

Green Machine... lots of old bikes getting a second life... maybe seeing more miles this time around than the first

snapped some shots while heading into work the other day

zipping down 15th Street in the separated Bike Lane
lots of bikes
lots of people on bikes 
so many taking advantage of this bicycle infrastructure

just as we have the contra flow bike lanes
I look forward to the advent of the bicycle highway
the higher speed bike lane\bikeway

the bicycle traffic queueing up
the poorly timed lights
the cars parked in the bike lane
the door zone
traffic pulling out of alleyways

not sure if the separated bike lane is entirely my thing
I use it... but not everyday
only when I am not in a hurry
it is often less than speedy

Jason Berry Sighting Yesterday at Capital Gallery....

yes, as I stepped out my office yesterday I saw film maker Jason Berry doing his video\film thing

Jason Berry and Chasing Legends

Grant is very proud of his IMBD presence

passion... intensity...
style and taste

Jason Berry is quite the story teller
Gripped Films


thinking of Chris Soda

Update? did this ever get sorted out?

a few weeks back there was a GoPro video of a group ride on Beach Drive in Rock Creek Park
several cyclists were passing a rider not in the group
that rider motioned to pass... took the initiative to pass
but crashed out the rider behind him and then several following riders

who was at fault?
that is complicated
but for that rider to not stop and check on his fellow cyclists?
that action is in greater question than who is at fault

who are these youngsters on their brakeless fixed gear bicycles?

two shots in Mount Pleasant
on Mount Pleasant Street and the alley behind my house



what a beautiful city
a photographer's dream
character and character's around every corner

loved the architecture
the history is alive

art and artists everywhere
music and more
food and drinks
and then even more

Jack and his paper cuts... I still need to frame my paper cut from Jack

I hate movie trailers... I think they show too much

I enjoy letting it unfold with more surprises
instead of being fed a skeleton and then paying to see them fill in the blank

trailer for the file River's Edge


you need to see this film
the trailer tells to much

an 80's Classic on the same level as The Breakfast Club or Ferris Bueller's Day Off
only on the dark comedy side
like Heathers
in fact a handful of people in River's Edge are in Heathers
others grew up to be famous actors

scooters... motorized scooters... and their desire to take up bicycle parking... WHY? someone make it stop!

WABA... where is WABA on this?

in short... there are regulations based on engine size and speed
it used to be under 50cc
but the claim now is under 30 MPH

this NBC news report has a breakdown

I guess I can dislike the scooters riding on the sidewalk and parking in the bike spaces
but it appears that they are within their rights
unless their scooter is large enough to qualify as a motorcycle
in that case... STAY OFF THE SIDEWALKS! 
which in turn would keep them from stealing our coveted bicycle spots


I think that there should be motorcycle\scooter parking separate from bicycle parking
I do not want their peanut butter in my chocolate... no matter how much I enjoy a Reeses PeanutButter CuP!

from the FACEBOOK: DC Messenger Page

Joel Gwadz not the craziest or the most ignorant... but a memory

I remember rolling down H Street... or maybe it was I Street... the current traffic patterns are confusing my effort to dredge up this memory... either way... it was one of those streets just crossing Conn\17th Street... that basic part of NW DC... I was rolling at a leisurely pace while I enjoyed a rolling lunch... a sidewalk cart hot dog with everything... boiled dog... chilli-cheese- hot peppers and of course mustard ketchup relish and onions and a coke when I saw another messenger a little bit ahead... I admit... I have always like cashing the bike ahead of me... I picked up my pace and buzzed past him hotdog in one hand coke in the other... he kicked it up a notch... we were side by side... I finished the last bike of sweet DC hot dog goodness and put the red and white coca cola can in the water bottle cage... hammering pretty good on my chrome mountain bike with narrow bars and a straight six in the back... when an ambulance took a left onto the road half a block ahead... one look at the ambulance and one look at each other and we each chased the ambulance... not to draft but to ride in its carless wake... our pace was high... we were no longer racing but enjoying the fast pace push across town... flying with an ambulance escort
then a motorcycle cop got into the mix 
first along side of us and then he raced ahead passing the ambulance...
the officer was out of sight... then out of no where the cop was off his bike running into the street... there was some shouting and then took a swing at me with his motorcycle helmet

it was a close call
pretty sure he was just trying to scare me
it was a bit of a shock... not necessarily scared
think he could have hit me if he wanted to
glad he didn't
thought he was a dick just the same

not sure who the other rider was

Joel Gwadz and yes... sour kraut.... can't forget the sour kraut
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spin cycle... it is all about the spin cycle




headphones in traffic? not the best idea... but not a suicide attempt either... yet still... I recommend against it

these are some ancient graphics
you can tell by the technology

but really the sentiment is the same

headphones on the bike are a bad idea
we only have 5 senses... the use of headphones removes 2 of those senses
while also removing focus and attention

some randomness from years past could entertain your brain

at work sipping a free coffee courtesy of the folks at The Bike Rack!

Great Coffee from a Great Shop!

hard to believe that the above photo is 7 years old
The Bike Rack is no longer a new shop in DC

I need to mark my calendar with the dates for FREE COFFEE from The Bike Rack
I need to see if I have an old bike to give that poor homeless looking dude who could not get a free coffee because he was not on a bike


Dead City Halloween V.... the Halloween sequels have always been good

Dean City Halloween Alleycat

I like the flyer design

I really enjoy the Old Time DC Facebook page... it covers a wide spectrum of great stuff

Tomas and Fred Smith Rocking Out with Beefeater in Dupont Circle
off the Old Time DC page

Beefeater on Dischord Records

then Tomas not so long ago on the Gwadzilla page

just facts... beard facts

yes... stroking of beard DOES increase concentration and cognitive ability

saw Elliott today... Elliott was working doing some mobile repairs for Capital Bike Share... it amazes me that these photos are so old...

Elliott... a rare breed
a DC Native
much like so many people who have set root in Washington
Elliott vanished for a bit but like a boomrang he came back

Elliott on the Gwadzilla Page

blurry photo? no... art.

after my afternoon bike ride... I went for an evening walk with the dog
took the dog to the drum circle at Malcom X Park
didg was not so sure about the energy
but I love it

brought the camera but am not sure I got the shots i was trying to capture
entirely sure I am not getting the camera to do what i want it to do

a little more blurry and I am taking French Impressionism Photographs
I am an actual artist
check me out!

 I could see when I reviewed the display on the camera after the shot

I knew I was missing the shot

if it is blurry when it is that small
then it is not acceptable
I missed the shot
I missed just about every shot

need to get into the settings
but really
I need to get a better camera with a bigger sensor


what a beautiful day... peter beers would tell you it was a beautiful day for a bike ride... but peter says that everyday... no matter the weather... hurricane? earhquake? good day for a bike ride... but really... today was a beautiful day for a bike ride

back from a bike ride
nice to break a sweat
nice to feel the legs burn
good to be alive

ah yes... it felt good

good to get out on the bike
good to push the pedals
good to push myself
good to chase the climbs rather than dodge them
but really... I was not chasing the climbs... I was chasing the descents

the bike was creaking and squeaking
but I was good enough to myself to air up the tires and lube the chain
gotta cover the basics
which includes carrying a spare tube, mini pump, and bicycle multi tool

the bike and body felt good
it felt good going up hill
it felt even better going downhill
my efforts were less than Olympic

but the euphoria was there just the same

like a child I love the feeling of coasting down hill
sprinting ahead and then coasting
lots of coasting
maybe too much coasting