Happy 420

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Tens of thousands of people are attending the Cannabis Cup in Denver this weekend.
The Cannabis Cup festival's date is no coincidence – it's a conversion of the pot smoker's favorite time of 4:20 into a date. Denver is hosting it for the first time...
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Happy Easter!
even if you do not celebrate the day
you can still enjoy Peeps and Chocolate Bunnies!

thanks Karen for your DCCX Peep Style!

Lemonade THE MOVE... have you been laid off? if so... Watch This


I need to regain my focus
and find inspiration where I can
this movie may help to give me a push

Community park in Bent Creek

Bent Creek just outside of Asheville NC
just minutes from where we were staying in West Asheville

these are the only photos from Bent Creek... as I was riding not playing photographer

we went to Bent Creek and rode the same set of trails twice
simple enough
we parked at the Rice Pinnacle Trailhead
from the trailhead we rode down the paved trail into the woods
then once on dirt we looked for the Wolf Branch Trail

the Wolf Branch Trail is a moderately technical trail
we climbed the Wolf Branch Trail up to a fireroad
Dean had no issue clearing the climb with its roots and rocks
Grant was able to but was not willing to fight the trails

Grant opted to fight me rather than the trails
this is often Grant's way
ten year old Grant can be stubborn
much of my riding with Grant is working with him... fighting with him... doing my best to motivate him

we pedaled on the fireroad for a short distance then popped back into the woods on an unmarked trail
the locals called this trail Corvair

Corvair was a great compliment to the climb
it was a nice swooping descent
not too fast... not too steep... not too technical
fast and fun enough for Grant to smile

Corvair put us out back onto a different fireroad
we climbed that fireroad back up to the start of Corvair
we looped Corvair a number of times
allowing Dean and Grant to ride at their own rates

Grant is strong for a ten year old
Dean is strong for a 12 year old
there is no expectation for Grant to keep up with Dean
all I ask is that Grant does his best

Grant fights me... but when he rides...

the boys rocked it!

we looped Corvair a number of times
no Strava to tell the tales
just our account of our actions
that is all we have

from the base of Corvair we climbed one last time and backtracked on the fireroad to the Wolf Branch Trail
we got to ride down the moderately technical trail that we had to fight to go up
the boys were all smiles
Grant is very much Jeckle and Hyde
not sure which is which
but the mood of Grant climbing is far different than the mood of Grant descending

when we returned to the car the rain started
we got lucky with the timing but not lucky with the weather
the day prior it had been hot... summer hot
somehow things switched back to cold... winter cold

the wind blew
the precipitation wavered between rain and wintery mix
snow... sleet... and hail
not lots of it... just minutes at a time

the following day it rained all day
good day for Didg and the boys to rest after two days of riding
so... with the rain we had no trail options
on this day we went to the Biltmore Estate

the next day was cool... we did not have cold weather gear so we waited for the afternoon to return to the trails
rather than investigating another trail system we went back to Bent Creek
not sure what to do... I took the boys on the same loop
they seemed pleased with that

Rice Pinnacle  Trailhead to Wolf Branch Trail to Corvair
but in an effort to mix things up
after a few loops of Corvair we did a little investigation of a trail at the base of Corvair
I thought it would feed back to the trailhead
the boys loved the whoopdeedoo flow of this trail
until it turned out it fed into the Bent Creek neighborhood and we had to climb out

it was not a steep climb
it was rideable
but Grant complained
Grant blames me for everything

can you blame a guy for trying?
I guess you can

after our cross country ride at Bent Creek I took the boys to the Bent Creek Community Park
I heard there was a pump track there
sure enough!
there was a pump track and some trails in the woods

the boys dug it
there were other kids on BMX bikes that hat the boys inspired

it was a good day
a day that would end on a bad note

but more on that later

Bent Creek Trails
Bent Creek Community Park

Memories of the SM100 as I drive back from Spring Break in Asheville

wonderful sunset on the drive
I was careful not to crash my car
as I already crashed my bicycle while trying to snap a shot a few days prior
did not want to be stupid twice

fantastic randomness
these posts will entertain the mountain biker in you


Capital Cross Classic gives back to Lake Fairfax

Even more new trail underway at Lake Fairfax! Frank Raiti and a crew from Mid Atlantic Off Road Enthusiasts - MORE were out this morning cutting the first pieces of the new "Trail 2 Project." This would add almost another mile of trail to the network. That is in addition to the new Trail 7 Project, which opened (in beta version) this week. The Trail 7 Project was funded in part by profits from our Capital Cross Classic races. The new Trail 2 Project is scheduled for completion in time for the NoVa Epic on June 1. Lots to be done, so if you have a few hours to spare, consider helping Frank and his crew make it happen!
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I broke my elbow... crashed my bike while taking a photo of my son... not sure how that happened

this looks like the medical description of my injury

it was Thursday night.... the sun was setting... I was riding my bicycle along side my boys.... we were headed home from a wonderful Mexican dinner... the sun was setting... I was basking in the glory of the day

the boys were well fed and smiling
there had been mention of how great the trip had been thus far
I wanted to document this moment... which is not odd... I try to document every moment
then it happened

at a fairly moderate pace my foot came out of the pedal
I bobbled the camera
thought I regained composure
then I think I hit the front brake too hard
that is my guesstimation

then it happened...
a less than super SUPERMAN took flight
all I know is I landed and things were a miss
my arm was all out of sorts


kickstarter project... the Cargo Bike Documentary

The Garden and The Farm at the Biltmore Estate... NO PHOTOS IN THE BILTMORE (yes, I snapped a few, but nothing spectacular)

The Biltmore Estate in Asheville North Carolina

Dean and Grant at the Biltmore

yes, Dean and Grant at the Biltmore... this is the side
the front shows a wider more expansive estate
here the boys are leaning back into the wind
somehow... the weekend weather was perfect for mountain biking and jumping in a lake

yet somehow winter blew in
winter refused to leave
the east coast is suffering from an unseasonably cold
DC is effected Asheville has been affected as well

we do not have the gear
and there is not much need for our sun screen, bathing suits, and beach towels
so... we did the standard tourist stuff

The Biltmore Estate
amazing... but a bit of a tourist magnet
for the obvious reason
they run it smoothly

with a swipe of the credit card there is some much to do
we went for the minimum
no add ons
just the basic tour

the tour of the estate was not entirely what I expected
I am not sure what I expected
it was exactly what I should have expected
what else could it have been?

in short... the tour may not be on your average 10 or 12 year old's bucket list

but there is more to the basic package than just the estate
there is also the gardens on the property, a winery, and a farm
the tour is somewhat similar to other historic tours
maybe like a trip to Mount Vernon
only larger scale with more people

the Biltmore Estate sits on a large swath of earth

the gardens were far less crowded
the Biltmore Estate tour is a maze of velvet rope where people slowly shuffle their way through
the majority of the people were on a tour or a self guided audio tour
we moved through a little more quickly

I must admit... I am not a fan of the cattle call
hate that feeling of being lead to slaughter

but... it was still interesting and cool
next time I think that it would make more sense and take a guided tour
maybe the architect's tour
something to get us away from the masses

in addition to the Biltmore Estate proper there is a farm and the gardens
these areas were less crowded and more enjoyable

I would love to attend a cocktail party at the Biltmore
but just shuffling through the maze?
not my thing
the rain and the cold gave us the garden tour pretty much to ourselves
even the petting zoo at the farm was sparse
we chanced on fitting our visit in between two large tour groups

the boys fought me on so much of this
they were ready to leave after the Estate proper
but I forced them to the garden... which they enjoyed along with Grant's requisite complaint
and they enjoyed the farm
which I had to take them against their will

the Rooster was a big attraction with the boys
each the boys wanted to hold a chicken
the hens ran away
and this guy puffed up and intimidated the boys

but petting the rooster was satisfying
keep your cock jokes to yourself
and holding the baby goat was also fun for the boys

all in all
it was a good day