metal beats plastic... water tastes so much better from a metal container than a plastic one

at the New Belgium Bike Summit I won the PINBALL COMPETITION
the prize
a stylish New Belgium Growler made by Hydro Flask
I did not appreciate this at first

sure... I was stoked to win and thought it was cool
I thought it was even more cool that Michael Craft filled it with the beer of my choice before passing it off to me
but yesterday I filled this flask with old water
and well
it stayed cold all day and tasted fantastic

New Belgium Growler from Hydro Flask

the Drum Circle in Malcolm X Park is for all ages... good family fun!

Laurel in Adams Morgan...

I am trying to figure out this camera...
liking the results
not entirely confident that I am getting the camera to do what I want to do
need to get into the settings some more

and of course
this would all be easier if I would...

ran into Eric and Angela at Malcolm X Park on Sunday
always great to catch up with these guys
in our social transaction Eric alerted me to the next DC Bike Party Date


DC Bike Party 3rd Anniversary Ride
Friday July 10th

DC Bike Party on the Gwadzilla Page

surprising what you get when you search for Eric or Angela

the Drum Circle in Malcolm X Park is the soundtrack to all sorts of activities each Sunday afternoon\evening

slack lines and acro yoga are just two activities you should expect to find at Meridian Hill Park on a Sunday afternoon in summer

a relaxing way to wind down a weekend


still excited about the Owl sighting in Rock Creek Park last night...

lots of mention of Rock Creek Park on the Gwadzilla Page

so many great memories over the years in this park

sad but true... I never shared my photos from Bruce's Alleycat not did I every write up a race\ride report... that time has long since passed

Bruce host the pre-race meeting of the CROAKED ALLEYCAT
it was a frog themed event
who would think that there would be roughly 40 or so possible frog themed check points
how does someone gather that list

these links will give you plenty of reading pleasure
choice words and random images to accompany your coffee
Alleycat and then Bruce


Was hanging with Chris last night... he joined me for a short hike in the woods with the dog... we had the happenstance to witness the night activity of what appeared to be a Screech Owl

good to catch up with Chris
I had no advice for him... just clear instructions
people seldom take advice
just as unlikely for him to follow my instructions

those instructions would have involved a few things
one... getting up earlier than usual this morning
then locating a new spark plug for his chain saw
the other tasks... a little more intensive... and a little more important

random mentions of "chris"
more accurate search for Totally Hardcore Chris

Bike to Work Day... for so many of us... EVERYDAY IS BIKE TO WORK DAY!



looking at images on this old XP computer... so many memories

Decades ago I went to Peru
proposed to my soon to be ex-wife at Macchu Picchu 

DCCX... good times

Dean and Grant at Wakefield

Jordon formerly of Bicycle Space... I did not appreciate the Gwadzilla Number One from him.. it effects how I view BicycleSpace even today...

CHASE THIS LINK if you want to read some Choice Gwadzilla Rants!

Tagged along w Cargo Mike to Edwin of Edible's wedding reception

this post has been a draft long enough
I thought I was going to add some photos from the real camera
but that time has passed
I post these as they are

all from the iPhone

dancing... drinks... food...
and friends
it was a great party
a wonderful start for Edwin and his bride!

good times for sure!

Fast pass through the Smithsonian Folklife Festival... PERU! Don't Miss This! One of the great FREE things that DC has to offer!

these guys ham for the camera before their dance performance
I did to speak Spanish with them... just assumed they spoke English
I think they got the gist of what I was saying

will be more respectful on my next pass through and try to speak to them in their native language

Alpacas... not Lamas 
smaller... softer... and less aggressive
these guys already have their summer haircuts
I think they are more cute with their longer hair

this guy was not a participant in the festival... he was just passing through like myself
only he brought his pet squirrel 
nice guy... cut squirrel

I wonder how the domesticated squirrel responded to the nearly domesticated squirrels on the ground

Folklife Festival... CHECK IT OUT!

John Eaton Elementary School... DC PS... You Served Us Well! Thanks to everyone at Eaton for helping my boys to become the people they are!

Jennifer Ramsey and Angelo Perodi may have been our top teachers
so many great teachers
would love to name all of them
Mrs. Delay! I wish I could be in her class...
okay... I do not want to list everyone
but thanks to everyone

from the principal to the custodial staff
the after-school program
everyone at John Eaton
thanks for all that you do

you were a big part of our lives
now you are part of our past

you are appreciated