Peter Sagan... the most exciting racer to watch is pro cycling today

Great Sprint
like a running back picking through defensemen headed into the endzone

respect... give respect and you get respect...

with this logic it only goes to figure

if you disrespect someone then you should expect disrespect right back

give respect and you get respect
respect others and respect yourself

not enough respect in this world

this morning while riding into work on my bike a car came speeding up behind me honking the horn
treasuring my life I did clear the path

cleared the path and then mouthed off to the drive at the next light
we had a short exchange

then down Kansas I trailed behind the car driver
a few blocks down the road he was stuck at the light

with the light being red he decided to get out of his car
I was not sure what to expect
the driver was african american with tattoos and some attitude
his intentions were not clear
I approached with caution and hesitation

I rolled up... feeling that I was in the right... I held my ground
the drive came at me aggressively
aggressive in word and body... but never entering my personal space
my guess... he was not looking for a fight but rather just looking to intimidate me

he called me a racist
he wanted to know why I asked him if he thought he was Obama
questioning... is that the only black person I could think of

I had asked him why he though I had to get out of his way... who does he think he is? President Obama?

this was more a thought about a presidential motorcade than anything else

he talked.. more like shouted... I tried to talk... he talked over me
we ended up getting past the conflict

not sure if he will change his behavor
but it would be nice if he were more respectful of cyclists

he said he was voting for Trump

Ian... the ripple effect of his punk rock splashing in the musical timeline is dynamic.. but I am not sure if the kids today know who he is or his contributions

Ian... Ian MacKaye
co-founder of Dischord Records
front man for Minor Threat
co-front man for Fugazi

Mount Pleasant Resident... etc. etc. etc.

the other day as I rode into work after a mid week canal camping trick I struck up conversation with one of the other campers
she lives in Mount Pleasant in a group house that was a tad Punk Rock a few years back
as we roded I threw some names out
my words fell on deaf ears

she may have known Dischord Records
but not sure if she knew much more
or even that
I guess this fringe culture history is not as much common knowledge as I would have thought

oh well...

how about this other DC Ian?
is she more familiar with his work
or is all of this stuff no longer significant
honestly... I am not sure how significant this stuff was 10 years ago

yes... historically significant
but maybe not so significant in this moment

search the archives in the upper left hand corner for various topics
Dischord... Ian... 
you may like what you find


car drivers suck.. they suck at driving... they suck at being people...

submissive and apologetic is the appropriate response when in the wrong
people in DC traffic are SELF RIGHTEOUS... when they are clearly wrong

I deal with this shit everyday
every MF day

idiots and assholes

  1. 1.
    (of a person or conduct) morally right or justifiable; virtuous.
    "he is a good, righteous man, I am sure"
  2. 2.
    very good; excellent.
    "righteous bread pudding"

  1. having or characterized by a certainty, especially an unfounded one, that one is totally correct or morally superior.
    "self-righteous indignation and complacency"
    synonyms:sanctimoniousholier-than-thouself-satisfiedsmugpriggishcomplacentpious,moralizing, preachysuperiorhypocritical
    "we listened to Mom because she wasn't as self-righteous as you"

Sportsmanship Award... yes... I recieved a Sportsmanship Award... that was years ago... interesting story

Bike Camping... one night... I am not exactly sure how to travel light

I think I look like the above image
when really...
I am rolling something similar to the image bellow

it amused me that another commuter tried racing me into work today
amused me even more that he lost

I have way too much shit...
the Tentsile Connect is definitely car camping gear


who is making the call? I do not think that this was a good PR move for the men in blue

no... Trump is not a racist
no... Police in the US are not racists
what would make anyone say such things?
other than what we see on the news

thanks Steve... Obama with Bear Grylls

I am not sure if that is the whole video
the whole episode is worth watching
the fatherly words from Obama act as advice not just for his young daughters but for anyone at any stage of life

good stuff for sure

Obama and Bear

Diamonds? Why do we still mine diamonds?

Can't we just re-use the ones from people who have died or divorced?

it is absurd that one drop of sweat much less blood be spent to mine more diamonds

MORE Fall Camping Trip is happening this weekend... I recommend it... fun for the mountain biker that likes to howl at the moon at midnight... fun for the mountain biker that likes to camp with their family... some of us are both

MORE Fall Camping Trip

At Big Bear Lake Campground

Camping and MORE



Beach Drive Under Construction for 3 Years?

The explanation of the various phases reads like a GRE question
and well
I lack a Master's Degree

this is gonna mess things up
Connecticut Ave and 16th Street will suffer
car pooling the kids is gonna SUCK!

Info on the Beach Drive Project


My Main Man Grant... this kid loves to lock horns

he is now 12
but acts like he is 21

love that kid
he loves me
we battle all the time

The Wash Cycle... did not know that was still a thing

The Wash Cycle

The Wash Cycle on the Gwadilla Page

this is the sort of thing I used to find there

Public Meeting for the Klingle Valley Trail Project

(Washington, DC) The District Department of Transportation(DDOT) invites you to a public meeting to present project schedule updates and information regarding the upcoming trail construction phase of the Klingle Valley Trail Project.  
What: Public Meeting for the Klingle Valley Trail Project
When: Thursday, September 29, 2016 
 7 pm to 8:30 pm 
Where: Cleveland Park Public Library
3310 Connecticut Avenue, N.W.
Washington, DC 2000

from the MtP Listserve... Bike vs. Cars Documentary: Lamont Park - Friday, Sept 16th

Its outdoor fall movie time again.   We are showing the documentary Bikes vs Cars this Friday. 

Movie Showing: Bike vs. Cars
When: Friday Sept 16th at 7:30pm, arrive a bit early to get seated.  
Where: Outdoors at Lamont Park in Mount Pleasant, DC 20010
Cost: Free, donations accepted
What to bring:  Friends and a blanket or camping chair
What to eat/drink:  Visit our local businesses or bring a basket