NOTE TO ALL DUDES BEHIND THE WHEEL - If you are rolling around in your car thinking you are a "cool dude"

Chances are... you are actually a DOUCHE

I think that is an Adjunctive Noun

although you are not literally a "Douche Bag"
you are still at total "douche"

now... "The Dude"
well... he was a character in the Big Lebowski

most "dudes" are not at all like "The Dude"

now here is the breakdown
if your effort to flex that you are cool puts others at risk
then you are a douche
speeding... driving while on the cell phone... failure to make a complete stop at the stop line at a stop sign... not yielding to pedestrians... and of course the classic PASSING CYCLISTS OBNOXIOUSLY FAST AND OBNOXIOUSLY CLOSE
all these are common behaviors of dudes behind the wheel

that is why dudes are douche bags

Salad Days... I have no idea who Jaco Pastoerius is... no idea...


when I was like 14 or 15
maybe the summer that I bridged 14 to 15 
I wanted to shave my head

there was some preliminary talk
heard on the grapevine that Mark Sullivan had some clippers
one problem... I did not know Mark Sullivan
then the DC six degrees of separation kicked in

Eddie Eamon knew Andy Rappaport... Andy lived down the block from Mark
Andy got hold of the clippers... Eamon and I walked to Andy's
it was classic DC in the 80's basement activity
the haircut stalled with its short lived Mohawk

hair was a major tool in expression
hair and shoes were some of the primary components of fashion in that era
tattoos came later

I was in LA with Andy some years later... that was random
but on that LA trip where we stayed with Brian Baker Andy got his KingFace Tattoo

I was on the outside of the inner circle
I knew people who knew people



Anonymous is Rick Rolling ISIS... I wonder how they will respond to having this catch pop tune stuck in their heads?

Times article about the mixed reviews of the Anonymous efforts to take down ISIS

Life in Cubeville...

some people have careers
I have a job
from CBS to Smithsonian
not sure where I will go next
all I know is I could use more money

Bells of... the prequel! the release of previously unreleased music... I remember going to the first Rites of Spring show and going back to Lawrence and wondering how their music was so similar yet happened completely independently

Bells of
a great article with some background information on Bells of

randomness on the gwadzilla page
Bells and Lawrence

ah... the fertile soil of Bethesda
Jason and Bethesda

chase any and all of the links for fantastic randomness
words from when Gwadzilla was more wordy

so many great albums... so many great artists... some artists got my attention for one album... from The Damned it was Machine Gun Etiquette

The Damned Machine Gun Etiquette
the full album... give it a listen
it is amazing... back when bands released records where the listener listened to more than one track... but both sides

The Damned and Punk

Ranger Rover drivers are going bumper to bumper with BMW drivers for the crown of biggest asshole on the road...

The Obnoxious Driver's Machine

certain people are drawn to certain cars
certain drivers express themselves behind the wheel in different ways
blanket statements are flawed by design
there will always be exceptions when making sweeping generalizations

there are so many assholes behind the wheel of Range Rovers and BMWs
too many ASSHOLES!
selfish... ignorant... short sighted


was wondering... "where are they now?" and was not pleased to see this... I know no details...


the last time I saw Spoonie was a tad random
ran into him at Bread and Puppet in Vermont
that was decades ago

I did not know Spoonie well
I hung with my people at the pool table
he hung with his crew at the foosball table
we all hung at the Gold Pan Saloon in Breckenridge Colorado

back in those days there was a combo as famous as Heckle and Jeckle
it was Matty and Spoonie

for some reason this dynamic duo passed through my brain as I pedaled into work today
so... as I started my day with a glance at Facebook I looked to see if there was a mention on a Breckenridge page... and I found this

Remembering Terry "Spoonie" Spoonire

not sure of what caused his early death
it seemed he lived many an adventure in his short life
more vacation in his short life than most will see in their long life
Rest in Peace Spoonie
sorry you checked out so soon 


watched the Salad Days: A Decade of Punk in Washington DC again... owning the DVD allows such things...

Minor Threat photo by Glen Friedman

Salad Days: A Decade of Punk in Washington DC

it is an interesting story

a story that I witnessed first hand
not center stage... not on the stage at all... unless I was trying to do a stage dive
but on the peripheral and from in the crowd
I did not witness it all... but I did see so much of it unfold

the genesis of the DC Hardcore scene had its original members
there may have been as many as 40 people
with a dozen or more key players
Dischord itself seemed like a record company releasing albums recorded by the same 20 people as they migrated from band to band
this movie touches on exactly that

I enjoyed the film and its effort to tell the story somewhat objectively
Scott Crawford was there
just as with many of us... he had his favorite bands and he existed within a certain camp
the city had many camps
and different age groups had different experiences as they moved in different waves

Teen Idles and the first Dischord releases were the first wave
I experienced that wave just a minute after it happened
I had the 7 inch record releases
that music was important to me... but I was not there
I did not experience

being younger... I experienced things a little later
growing up in Bethesda rather than Georgetown had me running in different circles
but there was plenty of overflow
lots of rock and lots of roll at B-CC

more on this later
see this movie
I bought it if you want to borrow it


STP... I like Pop Rock... STP is solid Pop Rock... but do not mix it with Coke

I will admit... I am a sucker for a good "pop hook"
Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighers breaths pop sensibility
that kid can write some tasty radio rock
love me some Foo Fighters

right now I am listening to STP
Stone Temple Pilots

STP was a great little Pop Rock Band in the 90's
a little more melodic and a little more radio friendly than what was classified as Grunge "back in the day"

STP Stone Temple Pilots