haunting... the tone is haunting... I can see how the notion of offering "showers at Auschwitz" could make some people feel awkward

Auschwitz Installs Guest Showers

a few years ago I made a trip to Poland with my family
while there I took a tour of Auschwitz
this place stirs up emotions
the vast expanse of the space brings up a reality to the numbers
making those that tour this place really get a sense of the "mass killings" and the overall cruelty of this place


those red bikes ARE everywhere.... and that is a good thing

a few things for sale... what would you offer me?... the hydrant is already sold... I think 55 is fair for the unicycle... not sure about the frames with parts as is...

torker unicycle with small wheel... 12 inch?
hydrant... sold
kona explosif 20 inch... steel... 26er
rocky mountain also steel also a 26er

what would you give me?

went to seem my son Grant perform with the Sticks and Bars Marimba group at the Gazebo in Takoma Park... was all excited to snap some photos... two shots and the battery was dead... rookie mistake!

went to the Sticks and Bars performance at the Gazebo in Takoma Park
rode sixteen miles that day with my son Grant
we hit a bucket of balls at Hains Point
later that day his mother drove him to the performance and I rode my bike
when I arrived I was excited to take some photos

snapped two shots
the battery died
rookie mistake
was able to snap two shots
the rest of the shots are from their performance at the Mount Pleasant Farmer's Market

the tangent of Hains Point is guaranteed entertainment
fantastic randomness when I search for Hains
great shots of the Awakening before its removal

not a bad set of shots
too bad my battery was dead when I arrived at the Takoma Park performance

the camera worked all day when snapping shots on the bike ride
never gave the battery any thought

great show just the same
the Sticks and Bars group is amazing!

the DC bicycle commuters have a unique backdrop... it is not the Front Range of Colorado... it is the backdrop of CNN and all the other news shows...

the many bridges of DC
this is just one of the bridges
this is not Pittsburgh 
but we have our bridges

on a short loop around the city I can cross an assortment of bridges
this is the 14th Street Bridge
most famous for having a plane crash into it
the planes fly over head as the Potomac is their flight patern

the planes overhead can be a highlight when crossing this bridge
boats on the water can also be a treat
the monuments often go unnoticed to the pedaling commuter that has passed them a hundred times
the monuments are cool... especially when the light is right

but really
these bridges and these paths are just part of so many bicycle commuter's everyday
with the pleasure of passing all these amazing monuments
I like the view
I think most people like the view on their commute

I think the DC commute offers up some nice eye candy


Whitegrass... let's go to Whitegrass!

Whitegrass in West Virginia
Whitegrass on Facebook

Whitegrass on the Gwadzilla page

Dean and Grant at Whitegrass
over the last few years my boys have become solid downhill skiers
it has been years since we have been to Whitegrass together
this winter... lets go to Whitegrass

if you have to ask...

West Virginia on the Gwadzilla page


went mountain biking yesterday... but it was at the MORE SUMMER FESTIVAL... here is a video from the action!

The MORE Summer Festival


with the Todd Bauer sponsored "Bauer Slide"
not to be confused to the registered trademarked Slip and Slide

thanks MORE and all of its volunteers
thanks for making this party happen
thanks for all  that you do for the club
thanks for all that  you do for mountain biking in the Mid-Atlantic



an older shot of this guitar player on the way to play a gig... not traveling in the van... rolling on Capital BikeShare

Christylez Bacon

The Mushroom House in Bethesda... last night I went to a party at the Mushroom House in Bethesda

Bethesda Mushroom House
Mushroom House on DC Curbed

a friend's band was playing at a wedding party on Allen Road in Bethesda
he invited us to that party
when that party closed down
his invite converted into an extended invite to the party next door at the mushroom party

had never been inside the Mushroom House before
cooler on the inside than I had imagined
way cooler... that house is super cool

yes... went to a party at the Mushroom House in Bethesda last night...
fantastic party...

I did not bring a camera... my phone is filled...
but I did take a few photos of the band with someone else's camera
wish I had borrowed the camera for more photos
would have loved to take more shots

great house... what an interesting venue for the funk\soul\pop band to play
now what was that band's name?


that Navy Seal guy... he looks like he was a stand up guy with a beautiful family... that driver of that car just a kid without a clue... more than likely texting his friends about the high score he achieved on Grand Theft Auto the night prior..

Tim Holden died in a car-bike CRASH
not accident


very sad....
I grew up near here
very near the location of this accident
my mother lived 
but that is not why this story is "so close to home"

I too am a cyclist
and the way car drivers behave around cyclists is unconscionable

lack of respect for the rights of others
lack of respect for the life of others
never realizing the dangers that their behaviors elicit

I may ride my bicycle in what others view a wild manner
when I drive... I am alert and aware
driving is my main focus when driving
I am respectful of others around me
always weighing in all the variables

this incident could have easily been avoided
this should not have happened

it is beyond sad
lives have been changed
a family has lost a dynamic member of their family
husband.. father... brother... and most certainly a friend

RIP Tim Holden
may your family one day find peace in your death  

Marimba in Takoma Park tonight at 6PM

Sticks and Bars

Look for us Saturday, Aug 29, 2015 at Zimfaro:  A celebration of the music of Zimbabwe in Takoma Park, MD. 6:00 PM at the Gazebo in Takoma Park, 7035 Carroll Ave.


play through... sometimes it is best to play through (another old draft)

Friday DC Public Schools did not have school
which made Thursday a little more like Friday
freeing us up for some unconventional post school activity

Thrusday arrived with spring in all of its splendor
when I left off to pick up the boys I brought two bags
a bag packed with snacks and water
a bag filled with a variety of sporting options including a football, frisbee, and soccer ball

Krakow Cycling Chic at NIGHT!

a few more shots from the main square in Krakow at night

routine... standard routine... with the standard near death experience

morning comes quickly
the later I stay up
the more quickly morning comes
this morning was no different

more photos of Timmy and Peter of Bike Law and our DC Bike Ride...

Bike Law

a legal service for cyclists
for cyclists by cyclists
if in an accident 
it is best to have representation that understands your perspective

the windshield perspective is bullshit!

Bike Law on the Gwadzilla page

mud splattered on the lens

a few more shots of Tori from that same day...

Tori on the Gwadzilla Page

some hotels in Washington DC have their own "bike share" program

Bike Share
yes... BikeShare!