St Mary's College of Maryland... a place I called home for 4.5 years of my life... took a visit there last week with my brother, his eldest son, and my eldest son for a college visit

St. Mary's College
they handed me a diploma in 1990
stopped back there a few times in the years that followed graduation
been decades since I walked those paths
it was nice to stroll down memory lane

St Mary's College of Maryland
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oh my...
how the campus has changed
the skeleton is the same
but so much has changed
but really... the world has changed
my guess... most every college campus in this country has gone through the same amount of grown\development\and change as St. Mary's has gone through in the last couple of decades

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the campus and its waterfront status
that is an amenity that is tough to beat
so many memories from the water

then from the water to Church Point
then a glance at Historic St Mary's City with its replica of the Ark and the Dove
Gwadzilla Mention of Church Point

beautiful day on the water

the above shot is an amusing one

me and my brother
then over our shoulders
our sons
they are cousins
but they have a brotherly relationship

I went to the St Mary's Campus Store and all I got was a Frisbee
no SMUT discs
would have loved to have grabbed a St Mary's Ultimate Team disc

Dean and Dad
Dean and Eric

Dean and grave stones
Dean and books

a shot in the Garden of Remembrance
I have memories from the Garden of Remembrance 

Queen Anne across St John's Pond
lots of Saints mentioned at Saint Mary's
but it is not a religious institution
named for its location
not for its primary topic of study

roaming the halls evoked an onslaught of memories
raced through various hallways
a quick pass through Dorchester Hall
2nd left... 1st Left... 3rd Center... 3rd right
then down the path 
passing the bell tower
then through Queen Anne

2nd Left... 2nd Left was enough
enough of those memories

these woman on 2nd Left were amused by my walk down memory lane
thought about "pennying" them into their room for old time sake
then maybe some baby powder in the box fan in the window
or maybe not

Tom Rowe
ah... wonderful man Tom Rowe

Eric and Dean
as excited about a college tour as I would have been at that age
hard for kids to understand that they have choices
that they can be the "master of their destiny"
rather than depending upon their parents to be the "puppet masters"

to amuse me...
I had Dean climb some St. Mary's Classics
The Bell Tower and then that sculpture down by the water
he obliged me and enjoyed it
the kid can climb

a nice day
a nice day for me
nice day to share with my brother
hope the cousins had a good time
hope the boys have a better idea of what they are seeking out of their college experience

father son
we are done.


ah... the things I do to enrich their lives and to pull them away from their screens

the above shot is an old shot
the boys are bigger on bigger bicycles these days
I no longer have that lead sled with its wheelbarrow and long wheel base
good memories of those post school bike rides

this weekend past we went to Ski Roundtop
last weekend
it was Bacon Ridge

Bacon Ridge on Facebook

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then of course... the requisite hike with the dog in Rock Creek Park

puppy dog with puppy kid
both are older now
both are larger now
still love them both just as much as I did on that day

cool dog beside a cool car

little puppy approaching its biggest fears

Bricks and Didg

my dog didg
a good dog
so much to learn about myself through my relationship with this dog
so much to learn about life through my relationship with this dog
so much to learn about relationships through my relationship with this dog

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Trying to go COLD TURKEY on My Yayoi Kusama Infinity Mirror Addiction!

Al... Hirshhorn exhibits person escapes before someone falls onto another pumpkin

Smashing Pumpkins at the Hirshhorn Kusama Exhibit

Smithsonian's Hirshhorn Museum is hosting the Yayoi Kusama Infinity Mirror Exhibit through May

Yayoi Kusama Infinity Mirrors

at the Smithsonian Staff viewing with my friend Sandi

Danny K passing the Hirshhorn
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also at the Hirshhorn is Linn Meyer "Our View from Here" exhibit

Linn's Art is Awesome

I know Linn from high school... Mount Pleasant,,, and the John Eaton Community

me... I am at work
but in between tasks
some of those tasks in the Hirshhorn I have been able to use my Staff ID to swoop through the exhibit

lots of buzz about this exhibit
lots of hype

it is super cool
expect a Disney World experience in that it is a long line for a short ride
the ride is cool
the line... well... you will have to deal with the line

Brian Clark...
doing that Messenger Thing!

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as you can see...
this exhibit is awesome
this exhibit is cool

it is FUN
how often is Art Fun?

I recommend this exhibit... then I recommend touring the rest of the Hirshhorn
there is much to see

then if this trip excites you
book another trip to the Renwick over by the White House

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yes... I am currently trying to go Cold Turkey
but I think that these images are making me want to visit the exhibit again
maybe not this week
maybe next week

this naked man... also very cool
lots of cool stuff at the Hirshhorn

the naked man is actually The Big Man
The Big Man