Rolling through Dupont on my way home from work...
oh... it is cold as "        "
and everybody is inside or moving about

too cold to "chill" in the park
yet I ran into Edgar and Dingo
or Edgar with Ratio King or No Tax
I get so confused

No Tax or Ratio King


and then this shot by Moon
thanks moon!

it is getting cold
I need to keep riding through it
this weekend warmed up a bit
got out into the woods on the single speed

gotta stay outside
gotta stay on the bike

it is true... it happened... it has happened before... it will happen again... although I try to contain myself

sunday morning reflections...

wanted to rant about my spitting on a DC Metro Bus driver's windshield
I know... I know... this does not put me in a good light
but I like to stand up for myself
when my life is put at risk
when I am not respected as a person who deserves their right to space
I will stand up for myself

it cyclists just accept the mal treatment then they are enabling the mal treatment


sure.. spitting on the windshield and flipping the bird is childish
but anything worse... a U-Lock to the windshield or an actual confrontation with the driver
well... that would be counter productive to my own personal well being
I guess an email to the mayor... chief of police... DDOT... and the head of METRO would be the correct action

so many Metro bus drivers are altering their aggressive anti-bike behavior
but not all of them
there are still drivers cutting off cyclists, pinning cyclist to the curb, passing cyclists too close and too fast, and making aggressive passes when they should have just waited behind the cyclist

metro... bus... and submissive

this link is CHERRY... CHASE THIS LINK!
so many bike to bus altercations... these professionals can be so unprofessional

a blemish on their brothers and sisters behind the wheel at Metro

I know people are not in the habit of chasing my links
but here is a good one


Marion Barry... Marion Barry has left the building...

Marion Barry
"Mayor for Life"
well... DC has lost its Mayor
walking history walks no more

all the shit he got in trouble for
imagine all the other stuff he was doing and got away with 

in various punk rock documentaries Ian MacKaye credits Marion Barry for fostering the youth music scene with his summer jobs programs
Barry was a complicated man for sure
I had various short encounters with him... all of them cordial and pleasant

with the passage of time the world changes
DC is part of that world
DC is changing

so many DC icons lost...
Chuck Brown... Marion Barry
who else? who is next?

RIP Mayor Marion Barry

I have not watched this trailer before... yet I share


I recognize him from the neighborhood... he has a black dog...

on 15th Street
at the corner of 15th and U Street I was caught spazzing out
during the post work rush the bike lanes can be somewhat chaotic
the 15th Street contra flow bike lane can also move slow
so... sometimes I ride on the street rather than the bike lane

on this day... and other days
but on this day in particular I had someone mouth off to me
so often car drivers will share their sentiment on where the cyclists should ride
a cab driver barked at me
then in the back seat the passenger flipped me off
well... I tried to kill the world with kindness

at the light I rolled up to the passenger and told him how much I love fat people
I was actually lying
I do not love fat people
but I told this lard ass who was so cocky with his finger how much I loved him
yet... somehow he was not so bold

what does it mean to flip someone off?
well... I think it means less than it once did
old ladies flip me off from the cockpit of their car
and really
usually it is done for little or no reason

the cab driver was telling me to get in the bike lane
while he drove straight up the left hand lane
ignoring the left turn only lane every other block
as he was going straight

so... I tried to kill the world with kindness
guess I need more practice

I am not Gandhi 
on the bike my heart rate goes up
my life is on the line
people disrespect my right to safety and my right to space

they put my life at risk
then they issue illogical orders
while they themselves could do to take a look in the mirror
and alter their behavior

ignoring them is the best response
and well... I think I let the comments, the honks, the facial expressions roll off
but then there is the 100th Monkey
the build up of all the attacks
and I blow up 

the morning routine can have me crossing paths with the same people on different days... if I was a more efficient machine I bet I would see the exact same people in the exact same places on different days

bicycle commuter on Pennsylvania Avenue... Main Street USA
I think I snapped a shot of her a few weeks or maybe months ago
not sure...
I remember her and her headphones

our paths have crossed
we have shared the same stretch of road before
me heading to my office
she is headed to her office

ah... the morning routine

she is covering ground pretty good on this beater bike that is more than likely older than herself
it is curious
is this her only bike?
how fast would she go on a high performance bike? 
not sure if that is the same bike I saw her on last time I rolled in towards work along side of her

I see the running shoes... maybe she is a runner

I know that I am fighting to keep pace with her on my Single Speed Karate Monkey
sure... it is geared for dirt
which has me under geared for fighting traffic
yet I fight to keep pace just the same

getting more rotations on my short ride into work

Karate and Surly


unacceptable... if they were this hard on car drivers for their penalties... the roads would be more safe... alas no...

taking cyclists down by force for a traffic violation?
what country do we live in?
what century do we live in?
why are they ignoring the car drivers?


Lyme? as an active outdoor family ticks and the risk of lyme are part of our reality

a few years ago my older son Dean had some issues...
first a stiff neck... thought nothing of it
then a stiff neck again...
draft third floor? too many pillows?
then there was an elbow issue
thought it was orthopedic and unrelated to the stiff neck
went to the doctor for the elbow... they did not think any further than orthopedic
even when I mentioned the previously mentioned stiff neck
then things move to Dean's knee

"migrating joint stiffness"
now... I am no doctor
but I did not need to go to Harvard Medical School to diagnosis this
sure enough... dean had Lyme disease 


it is behind us...
but recently our dog Didg tested positive for Lyme
well... he tested positive before
we treated it
with no apparent symptoms
I am settling on a false positive

Blade Runner... I have never watched Blade Runner with my kids...

Blade Runner Trailer
such an amazing film

I had not realized that Blade Runner borrowed footage from The Shinning

funny... this tangent was inspired by some plans to renovate the Smithsonian and the National Mall
there was talk that the design was Blade Runner-esque

random photos.... one from Georgetown... the other in front of the White House

this was taken as my son Dean investigated The Old Stone House on M Street

1600 Penn... The White House

this shot was taken on my way into work...
there was a protest... all sorts of people with masks

masks? protest?
a glance at "protest" shows I already posted these images
but I will post again
maybe you will chase the links this time


Abus Locks... giving the bicycling consumer another solid option...

Abus Locks on Facebook

I won one of these locks for my effort at the Dead City Alleycat the other day
it is now my "go to" lock!

Dead City Alleycat

Smithsonian Folklife Festival Staff Photo...

Where's Waldo?
Where's Gwadzilla?

Smithsonian Folklife Festival Staff Photo in front of the National Museum of Natural History
Smithsonian... Festival...

The Smithsonian Folklfe Festival is always looking for Volunteers and Intern
the Festival and the Smithsonian as a whole could not operate if it were not for volunteers and interns 
here is a link to employment opportunities

Push Bike Versus Training Wheels... the debate seems to have died off... the trend of push bikes is upon us

Public Bikes has a cool affordable push bike

my boys each learned to ride their bikes with training wheels
each of them had training wheels off and were riding their bikes comfortably before 5 years of age
the seasons play into things
much like first steps... how early it happens is nothing more than a talking point\bragging rights
it is not really a measure of everything

I enjoyed my kids pedaling at the young age
there is pedaling, breaking, and steering
all learned with the push bike
the push bike is awesome
but just as there is a rough transition from the training wheels to no training wheels
it is not entirely smooth to take the push bike away and offer up the pedal bike

the kids from the push bike side of things fall back on using their feet to brake when they go to the pedal bike
so either one has its parental anxiety
child frustration 

okay... so paying bills online removes the stamp and the postman from the equation... but what about around town DC Deliveries? where does someone turn?

how about Zipments?

cool photography from the Shorpy archives


don't call it a comeback...

but I do need to rebuild after my injury
and consciously
I am not as active as I once was
which means I will have to diversify my work outs

Before you get back in the saddle, make the gym your friend

and yes

avoid the dangers of

Van Gogh inspired solar bike path...

very cool...

Bono crashes bicycle... needs to postpone Tonight Show appearance...

Bono the frontman from U2 crashed his bicycle in Central Park
apparently he needs surgery

this forcing the band to cancel their Tonight Show appearance
which for many... should be fine
not sure if the world was so excited about U2's generous gift of their latest album forced on people through iTunes

Bono Bike Crash

the topic of Bono and "classic rock" amuse me
U2 did get their start covering a classic rock song by Peter Frampton
but I am not so sure U2 would qualify as classic rock
while the other day at Hudson Trail Outfitters I was purchasing some Kuhl pants the Smiths were playing in the background
there was a friendly HTO employee helping me out with my selection
I made mention that I had seen the band (while pointing at the speaker) on their first American world tour
well... I did not make mention of the band name... as I did not think that a person that young would know of the Smiths
she started in on something about U2... I clarified that it was not U2, but The Smiths
then this young woman continued how Classic Rock is not really her thing
Classic Rock?

Cyclists Should Avoid the Bike Path

WOW! Thomas Yang Creates Architectural Landmarks with the treads of bicycle tires...


not created in Photoshop
created organically
with ink on the actual tires!


A boy and his dog

Didg and Grant...

article in Wired refuting the anti bike nonsense that I hear virtually every day...


Rock Creek Hike with Didg... was not drawn to the bike... but had to get out just the same... so I extended my normal hike with the dog

how about don't put your mantra in paint on this cool rock
who did this?
Casey Nocket? 

bad... very very bad
shame on whomever put this message on this rock


it was a great day to be in the woods
the week's cooler temps accelerated the movement from Fall to Winter
the golden leaves rapidly turned to brown
some trees remain vibrant
still some wonderful colors
but clearly more leaves on the ground then on the trees

Didg is a good dog... so allowing of my ever present need to Instagram
he is such a handsome subject I can not resist

when I finally got to our destination...
there was not much daylight remaining
the slight drizzle turned to rain
the glorious hike turned into a soggy slog home

Hand Made DEAD CITY CYCLING CAPS... 20 bucks... track down Neil for yours...

DC Stands for Dodge City...
around Halloween...
DC Stands for Dead City

Dead City

cool caps... I already got mine

Days like today were made for Salzmann Reflective products... okay, really, Salzmann Reflective Products were made for days like today...

woke up this morning to a rainy day...
rainy days take a little more prep for the 4-season bicycle commuter
had to wear my well worn less than effective MEC Raingear
then my high tech Washington Post sock covers... yes, newspaper bags

the latest addition to my raingear would be my Salzmann products
the Salzmann backpack cover assures me that my business casual will be dry when I arrive to work
the Salzmann spoke reflector clips increase the odds that I arrive alive by increasing my visibility

of course I also turn on my blinking red lights
but the Salzmann reflective products are an excellent addition to my 4 season bicycle commuter experience

Salzmann Backpack Cover through Amazon
then... the clip on spoke reflectors also through Amazon

The Salzmann page was slow to load...