two very over built roads in Washington DC... Porter Street and Military Road... not bicycle friendly at all... they are like highways bisecting the city...

Military Road and Porter Street are "over built" in the areas where they cross Rock Creek Park

these roads seem as if they were designed by someone in an office that never took a visit to the area where the roads were to be being built

the roads has low maximum speed limits but have highway style barriers for higher speed driving

these are major cross town ventricles

cyclists cross town too
but these roads are not bike friendly
Military Road being way worse than Porter Street
traffic on these roads does exist

making the roads more narrow and putting in a separated bike lane would not alter the flow of traffic for cars
but would benefit the growth of cycling in this area 

it is tough to cross Rock Creek Park
these are the main passages

Saltines and Peanut Butter...

it is what is for lunch!

when I make lunch for my boys... I get the same

Grant liked yesterday's lunch so much that he requested the same for today

hope Dean does not mind... I do not mind... but we are getting the same lunch again today as well

but I am curious... did Grant like it because it was so delicious or did he like it because it was so "trade-able?"

I know that the Fruit Roll Ups have great value in the lunch room bartering 

today I put in two extra Saltine snacks... this set has Nutella in the middle instead of peanut butter

she wore a raspberry beret... and she walked in through the out door... what is your excuse...

the other day I slammed the keyboard trying to get some words down about "social contract"
not sure if I said what I meant
but I know I meant what I said
it is bothersome
people irk me

stay to the right...
walk to the right
drive on the right
if standing on an escalator... stand to the right

and when going through a set of double doors
go through the door on the right

if and only if you are wearing a raspberry beret is it permissible for you to go in through the out door

WABA's DC BIKE RIDE... I have heard some grumblings of the 50 Dollar Entry Fee...

WABA's DC BIKE RIDE on May 22nd 2016

WABA Registration for the DC BIKE RIDE is OPEN!

article about the ride in Washingtonian Mag Online

on the Book of Face I have seen some chatter about the 50 Dollar Entrance Fee
my feeling...
then on the ride into work I had a discussion with a friend of mine on the topic of the entry fee

WABA is a not for profit
I would think that they have done some cost analysis... knowing what it will cost to throw the event and then make some money for future WABA projects
insurance alone must cost a bit... then I know nothing about city shut down... but there may be a fee for a "police presence" and then lastly
I assume that there are aid stations along the way stocked with fuel food and fun

as a Not For Profit none of the WABA employees are over paid
most of the WABA staff is underpaid
the WABA staff does it for the mission\the cause
then of course... a great deal of the effort to put on this event will involve volunteers

so... it may sound like a great deal of money with a glance at the entry fee cost and the number of participants
but I bet it is a fair price

I get it... times are tight... not everyone has a disposable income...
if a family of 5 were to want to attend this event
well...  that 50 dollar entry fee would add up pretty quickly
not sure... but I would think that there could be away to remedy this
perhaps "scholarship opportunities"
it would be awkward... but charging on a sliding scale?

a thought...
if you want to attend the event but can not afford the event... maybe you can volunteer at the event!?!??!


Kenny was in Marginal Man... which is cool... maybe a little more than locally cool... but his dad... well... that is international if not universal cool...

Marginal Man
local heroes "back in the day"
not the typical DC band
Kenny Inouye was a member of Marginal Man
but Kenny's dad
well.. Kenny's dad is\was an American hero

Dan Inouye
Senator and War Hero
Dan Inouye on Drunk History

Henry Rollins... a hero to me in my teens and well... I guess a hero to me in my adult life

Henry Rollins...
artist... musician... actor... writer... personality...

Henry Rollins made sense then
Henry Rollins makes sense now...
Rollins on the BBC a few weeks ago

Black Flag

in this episode of Soft Focus with the other Ian Henry and Ian Svenonious talk about a Black Flag show at Pearce Hall
I was there... I have a scar on the back of my head from where Henry kicked me when I was doing a stage dive
sort of hard for me to agree with some guy talking about being tough
I was maybe 16 and he was in his 20's

I could not imagine myself kicking a teenager in the head when I was in my 20's... or any time for that matter

TO THE RIGHT... not politically... but in every other action in life... STAY TO THE RIGHT!

Social Contracts...

To have a civil society we need to maintain some simple social contracts...

not sure if I am entirely using that term correctly... but it basically covers what I am saying

so·cial con·tract
  1. an implicit agreement among the members of a society to cooperate for social benefits, for example by sacrificing some individual freedom for state protection. Theories of a social contract became popular in the 16th, 17th, and 18th centuries among theorists such as Thomas Hobbes, John Locke, and Jean-Jacques Rousseau, as a means of explaining the origin of government and the obligations of subjects.

We have the law.... then we have unwritten laws... the understood social contracts...
then within our society there is the social contract that we agree as members of the society to obey the laws of this society


I need to control my rage

"hey bike messenger..."

Lucious Jackson 's City Song

today is Elijah the Natureboy's Birthday... Wish him Happy Birthday on Facebook

Elijah the Natureboy on FACEBOOK

then on the Gwadzilla Page
Elijah and then Nature


trying a new routine...

as a housewarming give Chris Merriam gave me a bicycle trainer


I was not certain if Chris had brought the trainer to the party as a White Elephant Gift or as a Housewarming Present... it turns out that Chris intended this to be a housewarming present

again... really

as I walked Libby and Chris out of the party Chris gave me a explanation of his intentions...
"try this... set up the trainer... then after your short commute home just jump on the bike for 10-15-20 minutes when you get home...
you will already be in your gear... just get off your commuter and get on the trainer"
or something to that effect

I thought I would give it a shot
yesterday I rode for 20 minutes and felt awesome afterwards
this was not my first session on the trainer in front of the television
it is a good plan.., if I do this a few times a week... my spring fitness will arrive sooner than the end of summer

gotta get up earlier... gotta get the kids up earlier... gotta get out the door earlier...

into work a few minutes late
the 7 minute cross town drive to school takes 30 minutes if we get in the car after 8am
today we got into the car after 8am
it is frustrating

at times I can not contain myself
I get aggitated... I get angry
I am loose with my language
too free with my words

I have got to control my anger

I forget... this transition is not just tough on me
this transition is tough on my boys

we need a vacation together
or at least a solid day on the slopes or on the bikes
need to recharge our batteries

winter can be tough
shorter days
cold and uncomfortable outside
soft ground that makes removes trail riding or even hiking from our options

kids are fighting me on ice skating
the local swimming pool is an option... but even that involves a fight

gotta work harder to push them to do what is best for them

the two most important people to me in the whole world
love them more than I can measure
need to show them and not just tell them
from here on out I will try to... breath and think before I talk


Mount Pleasant?

and then this map of DC

famous person near a bicycle.... recognize her?

thanks Mickey for your help with my home projects...

Johnny Ray aka Mickey

dog walkers... many dog walkers migrate the city on bike... they cover a lot of ground

not posing for the camera... just stopping on Connecticut Avenue to spark up a cigarette

this bike was a pre-cursor to her Langster

Bike Messengers... from about a decade ago... I do not think any of them are working as bike messenger these days

and front and center is Chase
Chase died in a tragic bouncer conflict gone wrong

not actors... real people... not posed... real emotion

this photo may be a decade old

wonder if they are still together now

ah... the snow is melting... yet their are still chairs in the street

that whole debacle with the chairs saving spaces really takes some of the fun out of the snowday

this notion that "saving the space" is the thing to do really irks me

sadly... we need the majority to participate in the process
no matter what that process may be... we all need to be on the same page

if it is understood that we save spaces... great... we all save our spaces
but... the Police Chief announced that saving spaces was against the law and not how things are done
which works for me... as I feel that it would work just as well to not save your space
but... we need everyone on board

if a group tries to work it one way and others try another... well... it will surely fail

I say... do not save your space

be less selfish
act in accordance with the law

everyone simply needs to shovel out their space and trust that others will do the same
selfishness is short sighted

I hope it never snows again... I hate having to deal with the tension and stress of the opposing notions of what should be done
the divided camps 
the anxiety
the conflict
it is just not worth it

Dopers SUCK! eBikes Suck! It only goes to figure that eDoping Cyclists Suck!

cyclocross and motorcross do not mix

well... I guess they mix
until you get caught
she claims that she "mistakenly rode her friend's bike"
ok... then it is fine

Femke Van den Driessche busted for eDoping at the Cyclocross Worlds

eBikes SUCK!
racing an eBike against other cyclists really sucks
DOPERS of any kind SUCK!

eating chili I made in the crockpot yesterday... cooking tonight's dinner in the cockpot while I am at work...

ah... the rope swing
somewhat symbolic of a time that has long since past

gotta try a crockpot Pho recipe

boys in the surf
we did not make it to the beach last summer
at least the boys had their winter trips to Florida
wow.. florida

NOTE TO CARS! Please make a complete stop at the stop line at the stop sign.


more images from the archives... my sister Marya is scanning some of my dad's old slides

photo of our place outside of Boston
Needham Heights... my dad was finishing his post doc at Harvard
we lived on Bobsled Drive
my guess... it has changed since we lived there


a few more soccer photos
in the shot on the left I am leaning against the now famous David Costible 
David and Costible

then a few shots of me and my older brother Marc