ROAD RAGE... I have got it! RED BULL ROAD RAGE minus the taurine

I admit it...
I have road rage...
the way people drive irks me...
beyond irks me... it pisses me off

the cell phone usage
the texting and the yammering
all of it
put the phone in your purse...  yes sir... your purse

yesterday I was driving my younger son to soccer practice
it is a hectic affair
I rush out of work on my bike... get home... change clothes... grab the dog... get in my car... cross town and grab my son

at my son's "other" house I am appalled by the driving styles of the cars speeding up and down the 2000 Block of Park Road
the road has bike lanes... bike lanes that were put there after I hosted a series of community meetings and pushed the powers that be to slap some white strips on this heavily trafficked bicycle route into Rock Creek Park

Green Crocodile... if found... please return to its owner..

Hi neighbors, 

My bike was just stolen in an unfortunate accident, from 18 and Irving. It is a burgundy Liv Alight women's bike. If you see it, can you text me at 202.320.6225 ( long shot, I know). On that bike, however, was a memorabilia that was important to me.. a green crocodile shaped rubber horn. The thieves probably tossed it immediately somewhere in a trash bin in an alley. If you see it in your trash bin, can you please let me know? It would make me really happy. Yes, I did make a police report. 

thank you!

 (1815 Irving St)

years ago...
I attended a reading at Politics and Prose by the author of Lyle Lyle the Crocodile


photos from the rainy 2016 DC Tour de Fat are on the Gwadzilla Facebook Page

Complete Photo Set from the 2016 DC Tour de Fat on the Gwadzilla Facebook Page

then also on the Gwadzilla Blog
Tour de Fat

Hula and REI

then also... Fort Dupont!

new belgium knows how to brew beer
new belgium knows how to throw a party
New Belgium on the Gwadzilla Page

WABA did a great job of rallying the troops

the MORE Bike Valet Volunteers ROCKED IT!

I see this guy at roughly the same spot in the mornings...

nice hat...

nice style

just threw a mess of images from DC Bike to Work Day on the Gwadzilla Facebook Page


good day
great little pep rally for our culture
gotta love free coffee and a few free blinking lights
good times for sure

terrific randomness when searching for Light and Flare

full set of images on the Gwadzilla Facebook Page

Alice "the moth" rocking and rolling at Bike Valet at the Tour de Fat

Alice- The Moth - Bike Valet

Tiny at Bike to Work Day!

Tiny on the Gwadzilla Page

BTW on the Gwadzilla Page

Own the Road Tattoo spotted at Bike to Work Day in DC

nice thought

Bike to Work and Tattoo on the Gwadzilla page

Hula Hoops at the Tour de Fat... what is it about hippies and hula hoops? not that this woman is a hippie... I just wanna know

Hula and then Hoop on the Gwadzilla Page

chase those links

Grace at the Tour de Fat... Grace enjoys being in front of the camera

Grace on the Gwadzilla Page

I know Grace from the DC Bike Party
that said... neither of us have attended a Bike Party in some time

antics at the Tour de Fat... the SLOW RIDE is a classic Tour de Fat competition!

Slow Ride


when I adopted Didg they told me he is part Australian Shepard and Part Australian Cattle dog- the way he sheds- I think he is part dandelion

Didg on the Gwadzilla Page

some snaps of some WABA people at the 2016 Tour de Fat...


El Dingo at Bike to Work Day!

The Dingo on the Gwadzilla Page

No Tax on the Gwadzilla Page