that video involving a bike crash "during" the DC Bike Party is creating a bit of an electronic buzz

all over the book of face I am seeing electronic chatter about bicyclists and inappropriate behavior

on In the Capital there is a response to this video
Small Group of Idiot Cyclists Risk Making DC Bike Party and All District Bikers Look Badhttp://inthecapital.streetwise.co

true... this sort of behavior does have a backlash on cyclists
true... these guys were riding with the DC Bike Party
is that fair?

the DC Bike Party has a different tone and a different agenda
these guys were riding out on their own
they were on their own with a very different momentum and style than the DC Bike Party

DC Bike Party Manifesto

I do not believe that the actions of another cyclist represents me
in fact... I do not think good or bad behavior on the part of the cyclist really builds the impression of that group
people all ready feel what they feel
my obeying the law does not make car drivers like cyclists more

but no energy for this rant right now
all sorts of images from previous DC Bike Parties on the Gwadzilla Facebook Pagehttps://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/GWADZILLA

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