another shot from Old Time DC on FACEBOOK... then of course... another shot of ME!

vintage photo from Old Time DC on FACEBOOK

shot of me taking advantage of a rare opportunity to ice skate on the reflecting pool
this does not happen every year
so when it does...  I try to take advantage of it
on this year I went with my older son Dean

I figure... if people are walking on it
it is fine for us to spend a few minutes skating on it before we head over to the ice rink at the Sculpture Garden 


The Reflecting Pool
so many memories from the reflecting pool
lots of them from various 4th of Julys

"back in the day" the "4th" was a "punk rock extravaganza!" 

the 4th of July in my youth meant RAR
in the early days there was the Beach Boys Concert on the Mall
something I was too young to attend
one year against my parent's will and without their consent or knowledge I rode my bike down to the mall to check out the Beach Boys concert

it was madness... the National Mall was a sea of people on blankets with coolers
like a day at the beach... only without the ocean or the sand

it was crowded and there were definitely elements of danger

it was like a scene from Planet of the Apes
police in riot gear and cops on horse back breaking up fights and trying to control drunk men without shirts and  short cut off jeans
glass bottles whistled through the air 
thrown by the disapproving crowd of the police action

exciting and scary.

I did not stay long... as it was clearly out of control... and I feared things were sure to escalate
definitely did not want to get caught up in an "I told you so" situation with my dad
I was not to return to the Mall for the 4th on the mall until my teen years

in my teens I did not go for the "main stream" concert... but for the "counter culture" experience
that was where I experienced RAR in its various incarnations 
stage set up near the reflecting pool adjacent to the Lincoln Memorial
there were all sorts of bands
but it was more about the scene than the experience 

Rock Against Reagan
Rock Against Racism

wish I had taken photos on that day each year
but no... the camera was not part of my persona
instead... I usually traveled by bicycle or skateboard
bringing not much more than a frisbee and a couple of bucks

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