Porch Pirates... don't support the Porch Pirate

as a rule I try to steer away from grey market deals in the park

it is tempting...
a guy selling a 12 dollar bag of Pistachios for a couple of bucks
or worse yet... the guy with bicycle parts
usually new bicycle parts

tempting... but I just take the line of not browsing the good as not to get tempted

the other day I was in Logan Circle people watching after work... before I left up for home
a guy on a bike that I see in the park from time to time says something to me as I am walking to put something in the trash
it sounds like he is complimenting my sunglasses
so I engage him with a thank you
then I realize he is looking to sell me some glasses

before I know it... I am giving this guy 10 dollars for some new out of the box POC sunglasses

not my usual routine
I had not gone too deep into thought about the how\where these sunglasses came from
the 10 dollar price point stole my attention

so... I made the purchase
with some side logic that my ten bucks was helping this guy out

had not given it much thought

until a friend made mention of the notion that this guy more than likely took the boxes off someone's porch

dang... what was I thinking?
where did I think these glasses came from?

then I went to West Virginia
broke my ribs riding with my new swank glasses

no... no correlation

but... I need to be more responsible

buying suspect goods gives reason to suspect behavior
if no one bought stolen goods... then there would be much less reason to steal
we all pay for shop lifting...
retail prices go up

I am sorry...
I was tempted and fell weak
mistakenly I may have supported the actions of a Porch Pirate
for that I am sorry... I will not do that again

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