Dean... approaching 18... about to graduate high school... headed off to college... WaPo All Met Athlete and the stroke on the National Champion Wilson HS Varsity 8

ah... my older son Dean
so happy... so proud
I love this kid
and yes... I love his brother Grant too

such a great kid...
so proud of his achievements and the person he has become and the adult he is headed to be

so many great experience shared with this boy over the past (almost) 18 years
lots of bike rides... lots of dog walks...
lots of adventures
lots and lots of fun

various stages
different interests

a strong cyclist
a solid soccer player
grew into being an amazing rower

rowing all four years at Wilson High School
(and novice at Alice Deal)
developing in strength and skill such that during his senior year Dean took on the Stroke seat and went on to hold the fastest PR for both the 2k and the 20 minute erg events

so proud...
Dean put a good deal of energy into making all that happen
extra work outs... proper diet... rest... etc.

I Love Dean So Much!

high school is ending... college is right around the corner

Dean landed a rowing scholarship to nationally ranked Syracuse University
Dean will need a new winter coat... 

that kid...
can crack me up... can make me proud

wow... these photos bring back so many memories from Deans various stages of growth and development 

WaPo All Met Athletes 2019

rants on the gwadzilla blog containing Dean

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