Oh man...

What a BUMMER!
What a Fing BUMMER!

Rain Rain Go Away...

So... as my summer vacation approached I watched the weather
the weather this summer has been odd to say the least
not exactly the summers I would expect in this region
rather than sporadic afternoon summer rains... we have had monsoons for full weeks

so... watching the weather I hesitated on my approach to our family vacation to Raystown Lake
while watching the weather I contacted Rothrock Outfitters in the Raystown Lake Area... Caleb on the other side of the phone was very helpful with the updates on the trail conditions
it appeared that the trails would be "okay"
but camping?

I am not looking to camp in the rain

Gwadzilla at Raystown

this had us in a holding patern
watching the weather and waiting to make our appropriate plans

there was a chance of rain everyday... higher chance of thunderstorms on other days
rather than set up in the rain... we decided to delay our approach

rather than picking the boys up from their mother's with the car packed... I grabbed the boys and updated them on our lack of itinerary
then posed up a classic option... Beaver Dam Swim Club!

Summer Highlight every Summer... Beaver Dam Swim Club!

Gwadzilla Beaver Dam Swim Club

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