unlikely... not reason to hang up the bike

yesterday I took a ride on the cyclocross bike
it was the same snow covered bike path route as the day before
the above freezing temperatures combined with the foot activity of the day had broken up a good amount of the snow coverage
yet there was still plenty of hard packed snow to inspire me to hammer
there was some slogging through the soft muddy gravel sections
but there were plenty of points where the wheels rolled and I was able to hammer

a closer glance at my start and finish times had my ride at around an hour ten
not bad for a cyclist who battles with boredom issues when riding in road bike situations
the ride occurred as I raced the setting sun
the toes were warm in my Lake winter boots
while my fingers could have used something more substantial that the same full finger gloves I wear on a hot summer day
the Pearlizumi Lobster Claws were in my car and my fingers were numb on the bike

it gave me pleasure that I was able to get on my bike on this vacation
I was ecstatic that two days of riding were able to occur
sure the rides were short
but a short ride is better than no ride
it all fits into my belief that life is cumulative

the first day of riding occurred after a healthy hike with the boys
while the second afternoon ride occurred after a morning of ice skating with the boys
ice skating with the boys... a pleasure that involves almost certain back pain
my four year old is still of the age where he needs some assistance to make it around the rink
which means a variety of methods of assistance all of which involve me bent over to support him
but after grant had his fill Dean and I were able to do loops at our own rate
it gave me great pleasure to see Dean and Grant so excited to get out on the ice

it proved worthwhile to bring the bike on this trip
but future Thanksgiving trips may involve cross country skiies instead
the snow coverage on the trail would have been perfect for a newbie like me to get out on the trail
XC skiing would not have been an option for this trip
but snow on the ground is not uncommon for this part of the country during this part of the year
future trips may involve heading out early and taking the kids to Seven Springs

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