SSWC09... I may not let myself get infected by the hype

SSWC09... I may not let myself get infected by the hype


I Heart the Colorado Rockies!
but I do not think I can even consider this family-less sort of vacation
there just are not enough days off in the year
there just is not enough time in the day for me to be all the people I want to be
we have to make choices

a few years back we had a stellar family vacation in Colorado!
Grand Lake!

S S W C 0 8 in the ARCHIVES


riderx said...

So why not take the family? The race is one day. Family can cheer you on. It's not an all or nothing proposition!

gwadzilla said...


I like the way you think!

send your credit card information and we will make that happen!

but really
it is something to consider
last year we had a plan of a double date
single speed riders with wives
while kids stayed home with grandparents for a long weekend
dave did not get a golden ticket
which meant that my wife lisa did not have her partner in crime to entertain herself with while I did bicycle stuff

the plan collapsed at the earliest of stages

time for a more solid plan