just got done in the basement

just got done in the basement

bad photos
just like me... the bike looks cooler than the photos tell

spent some time in the basement working on the bike tonight
signed up for the Coppi's cyclocross race today
and well... I figured that I should follow that notion of going from the drops to the risers
putting my body in a more native position

there was a while where I wanted to try the midge bars
then I felt pretty satisfied with the salsa bell lap bars
but I think honestly I will be more pleased with the position more similar to the mountain bike
flat or riser bars

since the beginning of cross I was hung up on notion of having my cyclocross bike look like a cross bike
I feared that an alteration like this would make my bike look like a hybrid

my brother is stoked on cross
but if there were one thing that my brother is more stoked about than cross it would be... no... not rowing
it would be croquet

a few years back my brother and I got pretty competitive in our croquet playing
I was using a classic golf putt for my swing
while my brother marc was doing it between the legs like a third grader bowling swing

we played we played and we played
then we discussed Shaq on the freethrow line
how Shaq would rather miss than make it while doing the geeky Rick Barry

I play croquet between the legs
and I am going to the riser bars on the cross bike
as far as basketball goes... I would miss either way... I suck at basketball


Jason Berry said...

Right on Joel! I'll be lining up with you Sunday, with my flat bars and disc brakes.

gwadzilla said...

saw you on Sunday in Rock Creek Park
you were hammering on your road bike
I was riding no handed trying to catch falling leaves on my single speed geared for dirt
yelled your name
but did not want to break up your routine

gewilli said...

ya going up to the race on the 30th?