waking up...

waking up...
looking forward... looking at my week
considering the weekend
thinking about my bike

night ride wednesday?
cyclocross race or epic mountain bike journey on sunday?

i NEED to spend some time working on my bikes
all bikes are in need of some wrenching

broken spoke in the rear wheel of the Jamis Nova
not to mention the desire to swap the classic drop bars for some mountain bike riser bars
the cable housing for the right shifter on my old and tired geared karate monkey is frayed and needs replacement... that bike is low in the rotation... but this repair could bring it up in the rotation
and the jamis exile 29er single speed may have an air bubble in the hydraulic brake fluid... no action on the front brake
the crusty old Karate Monkey single is working well as a commuter rig/mess around bike
but I would not want to be on that rough old rigid rig if I were chasing Cargo Mike through the woods

just so tired after the boys finally go to bed that I do not want to do anything more than put my feet up... throw back a few beers and watch the tube
when really... my time could be better spent
only problem... I am spent

funny.... I never saw that shot of me in URBAN VELO

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