Kooza is Kool!

Kooza is Kool

before heading to Katch Kooza
we went to the Awakening at its new home

Grant trying to get up the shin
Dean was unable to get up the shin without assistance
but they each had fun trying

the boys had a great time at The Awakening
they also had a great time at Kooza
The Awakening is far less expensive

the display put on Cirque Du Soliel definitely inspires imagination and creativity


nylonthread said...

We've been driving past the Kooza tents on our way to PG County from Alexandria. Each time the tents show up, Dash asks, "can we go to the circus for a little-bit-of-fun?" For what it costs, it better be more than a little bit!

I keep meaning to check out Awakening in its relocated spot...it's so close, we're taking it for granted that we can go anytime.

gwadzilla said...

I hear there is a water taxi from old town to the national harbor