we can alter our memories with our current perception or even just the mood of the moment

in an old gwadzilla archive which is all text I try to list my TOP FIVE CONCERTS/SHOWS we can alter our memories with our current perception or even just the mood of the moment just as the measure for why that concert or show was so dynamic in that list I included my first real concert; The Who at The Capital Center 1981 the reality is that the show was a bit of a let down because I wanted to see The Who of the late 60's not The Who of the early 80's this was no insult to Kenny Jones or any of the original members of The Who as I had accepted Kenny Jones as the drummer but was not that psyched about the recent releases by The Who and really craved an era of The Who that I could not have possibly experienced as I was not even born when The High Numbers formed that event makes the list due to my age and the experience more than the musical experience and its impact upon me although some of the negative aspects of that concert aided in developing my future experiences it was that concert that taught me what my sister was saying when she would talk about "concerts versus shows" as I grow older details start to fade... all the Government Issue with Iron Cross shows meld into one even if some of the memories are from a community center in Wheaton Maryland while others are from Columbia Heights in Washington, DC the specifics are forgotten even if each show were different eras of each band music is something that is experienced more than it is something that is witnessed it is hard to explain people are not boasting about being there and seeing it people are boasting about being there and experiencing it (this post has me tasting the flavor of sweat and cotton candy... there were some great shows where Tesco Vee and the Meatmen took things up a notch by renting a smoke machine... after gas I am not sure if they made any money at those Wilson Center Shows) there is an unfair arrogance about being somewhere and experiencing something that someone else has not some of that is a matter of chance right place at the right time sort of thing an opportunity that was not available for someone who was not local, of the right age , and privy to the information this post may be too complicated for my Sunday after Thanksgiving brain...

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