the wonders of the modern age

the wonders of the modern age and its modes of electronic communication

this whole FACEBOOK thing is an electronic scroll down memory lane
all this information really cracks me up

snagged these shots off FACEBOOK

-prom night in a white dinner jacket
that was before the Whitman prom
not the B-CC prom... although I am almost certain I wore the same gear to my prom
funny story... still friends with my date from that evening
things did not go that well that night
then the night of my prom she called me an hour before we were supposed to pick her up saying she could not make it to my prom
then hung up on me

then she called back a few minutes later to say that she was kidding
in that short gap of time I filled the vacancy

we still laugh about that... well... I still laugh about it

-sitting on the curb
as freshman in college
taking a break from a skate session

those bushings were shot
that Sims Screamer was like a wet noodle

the wheels on it were soft like marshmallows... 68s if I remember correctly
got that stuff on the "barter"
I think it was David Sterns... not sure what I traded for it
more than likely a record album

-in college I spent a few years as a hair farmer

freshman year I dyed my hair a few times
then on Christmas Eve my dad put down a five spot and laid down the law
get a haircut or no Christmas presents
my buddy rob who is in the prom shot was there and will attest to it

I went to the Hair Cuttery and got a haircut to my father's liking

not sure if the presents were worth it
but I swore to myself I would not fall for such leveraging again
after that I did not cut my hair for a good number of years
poor parenting
my dad did a mess of crap like that

-that shot with the woman in the black dress is funny
she was a good friend
the woman in the background was an on again off again relationship
more drama than anything else

two shots from graduation

wow! that seems like a lifetime ago
half my lifetime ago!

college is a bit of a blur

in so many ways college is just a place for kids to grow up
not a bad four and a half years

even if they were not the most productive times

my goal is to raise my children to have them understand the secret to life

life is simple
you get what you put into it
sometimes you get a little less
sometimes you get a little more
but in the end
you get what you put into it

do I need to say it?
you put in a great deal
you get a great deal of reward
you put nothing in... you get nothing back

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