Xtra Cycle article on Salon Dot Com

My family car is an SUB and I love it
Xtra-Cycle article on Salon Dot Com

the article touches on the many uses of the bicycle...
the owner of this Xxtracycle has only one bike
only one bicycle?
this is not another bicycle in the quiver
this is his everyday bicycle
the bicycle he commutes on
is the bicycle he will exercise with

no modifications needed... the bike is set and ready to take his kids to a friend's house or to grab a 40 pound bag of dog food on his way home from work

yesterday I saw him with his daughter on the back
it looked like they were going to the National Zoo
seeing them on their bike as I headed back from walking my dog made me realized that I could pick my son up with the trail-a-bike rather than the car

after I got my son on the trail-a-bike we took the long route home

seeing other people apply the bicycle to everyday use is infectious
everyday it appears that there are more and more people in the city on their bicycles

what seems absurd to some... makes perfect sense to others

bike sales are up
car sales are down

Xtracycles were once an oddity are becoming part of everyday!

in this article the author, Mark Benjamin, wrote about his customizations
it was cool to see the little add-ons that he had done to make this contraption more usable for himself and his family

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