CSC and the Tour

CSC and the Tour
not sure what other people see when they watch the tour
I saw a very exciting race
yes... it is not as easy to watch when you do not know which horse to bet on
yet it is beautiful to watch the horses run just the same

after you see the strides of the top horses
you know their names
you know who to cheer for
you think you know who to bet on

the tour kept me well entertained
the tour never lets me down
just the athletes
the olympics are no different

honest athletes
is that too much to ask?

there is no winning by cheating

le tour on bloomberg

the tour is a long beautiful commercial
lance aided greatly in selling treks
my guess... carlos and his team mates have done a good thing for Cervelo

speaking of beautiful commercials
peter's N-thirteen.five is a beautiful add
cross talk was also very cool