DC' Finest... penalizing the victim

DCist has a piece sharing the information that DC Cops are ticketing cyclists...

let me point out the obvious
the bicyclist are traveling where they are most safe
the wrong way on this one way street? yes... in some cases this is the most safe behavior
it is often more safe to travel against the law than within the law
because the cars are out of control

16th Street traffic moves at HIGHWAY SPEEDS!
it is unfair to ticket a bicyclist when every car within view is breaking the law

a bicycle makes slight modifications of the law just as a car does
it is like leading and stealing
a tad bit over the speed limit is fine
it is time to bring the car traffic back into control

and well...
the pedestrians and cyclists will fall into line
but right now
it is like you need to be a Special Forces Operative to get around town safely on your bicycle!

Giving the bicyclist a ticket is like blaming the rape victim for looking pretty or for running on a path without armed guards

DCist on ticketing of bicyclists

there was also more information on DCist about Robert Novak and his little Hit and Run
hit and run!
throw the book at him Jack-O!
fifty dollar fine?
and they are giving cyclists tickets?

also on DC Streets...
US Park Police reports Rock Creek Parkway will remain closed from Beach Drive and Porter Street NW for at least the next 2 days, This is due to the inclement weather that DC and the region incurred. The mud and any other debris must be cleared as the water must evaporate before the roadway reopens.

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