who pushed who? who threw the first punch?

who pushed who? who threw the first punch?

the judge, the jury, and the police officer

heck... any witness involved
they all need to get on the bicycle and use the bicycle as basic transport for a week or so
after that week
they will change their interpretation of what happened

their current perspective is skewd
they are not seeing things from an impartial perspective
they are more than likely seeing things from the perspective of the driver's seat

I was not there
so I can not tell you what happened

but I know too often that cars are pushing me around in traffic each and every day

the car acts as an obnoxious extension of the short sighted emotions of so many drivers

they tailgate
they honk
the do not slow when they pass
the pass dangerously close
they bully the bicycle
they put the cyclist's life at risk

contact may not be made
yet I feel their soul-less chi