just got this pearl from chris

ran into chris mcgill in the alley behind my house

I was putting the bike with the trail-a-bike away
while chris was testing out his Cannondale with different gearing than he had raced at Mount Snow
chris is on an actual single speed these days rather than his Cannondale geared frame with single speed and Surly Singelator
an actual single speed will remove the hassle of the dropped chain

this weekend Chris is headed to the Wilderness 101
which is part of the National Ultra Endurance Series

stole the diamondback rider images from here

just got this pearl from chris mcgill
cadel evans did not come from no where
cadel evans came from mountain biking

that is cadel evans riding for team diamondback
below is an image of gunnar shogren wearing the same kit as his then team mate

I still have not seen the documentary
scars don't sweat
but I do get a glimpse of the sequel at some races as gunnar blows by
gunnar is still rocking it!
racing is in his blood!

if I could clone him I would have an army of gunnars
some for racing mountain bikes, some for racing road, and a few to help out around the house