traffic out of control? it is not due to lazy cops...

traffic out of control?
it is not due to lazy cops...

traffic is out of control
people speed with no concern for the SPEED LIMIT
most cars travel as fast as the roads will allow
only slowing for other cars
usually opting to swerve around things than to push the brake pedal
seldom aware of the pedestrian traffic around them
rarely anticipating things much further than the bumper in front of them

the speed limit is ignored
the speed of the vehicle is not really part of the mental process of the car commuter
unless there is a Speeding Camera!
car commuters memorize the placement of SPEEDING CAMERAS on their routes around town
they slow for these cameras... then gas it when out of view
what a great lesson to the next generations of drivers!

"son... when driving... always remember... you need to stop at the Stop Sign when a police officer is present... but! all other times it is SLOW AND GO!"

"oh... and remember where the SPEED CAMERAS ARE... you do not want to get a ticket!"

it is not about not getting a ticket
it is about not causing an accident
accident is really not the best word to describe things
well... definition #2 works
1 a: an unforeseen and unplanned event or circumstance b: lack of intention or necessity :accident rather than by design>2 a: an unfortunate event resulting especially from carelessness or ignorance b: an unexpected and medically important bodily event especially when injurious accident> c: an unexpected happening causing loss or injury which is not due to any fault or misconduct on the part of the person injured but for which legal relief may be sought

but really... an apology does not do too much to make things right
I am sure that the garbage truck drive is sorry he killed Alice Swanson
but a sincere apology means nothing

professional drivers are some of the least professional drivers on the road
it pisses me off
bus drivers, taxi cab drivers, police officers... and yes that garbage truck drivers
this is just a short list of assholes and idiots that are putting the world at risk because they lack common sense and common courtesy
but I am not ranting about the Unprofessional Professional Drivers... I am ranting about everyday you and me

it amazes me

everyone is driving around like Dagwood Bumstead rushing pregnant Blondie to the hospital!
even with the kids in the car parents are driving like total assholes
when I drop my kids off at school... it boggles my mind how the parents drive
they approach the school like they are crossing finish line in a drag race

parents rolling through the Stop Signs
paying little attention to the ever present children
only yielding to pedestrians if their path is obstructed by the fellow parents/students
they park where ever they choose...
many have their favorite illegal spots for speedy drop off
again... it is not an issue of LEGAL OR ILLEGAL
it is a measure as to whether or not they will get a ticket
it is a matter that it is against the law for a reason!

"oh... kids... remember... never park in front of a hydrant if you think you are going to get a ticket... but! if there the odds are low that you are going to get a ticket? feel free! because life is not about right or wrong... it is about getting caught or not getting caught!"

this behavior needs to change
what changes behavior?


well.... I do not think that tickets change behavior
tickets punish behavior
it is like spanking your child

spanking your child does not change behavior
but oddly... the threat of spanking your child does change behavior
a tad confusing... but obvious
tickets... tickets... tickets...
people get them... they cuss... they scream... they slow down and drive in an orderly fashion until the officer is out of view... then they go about their day just as they did each day before... they cuss again... then they pay the ticket
only to speed or run that stop sign another day

Red Light Cameras, Speeding Cameras, an Officer with a Radar Gun, or a Cruiser Parked within view...
these things all change behavior
it is the threat of the ticket that changes behavior
but the threat must be consistent
the threat must always be there

but in the end... Our Traffic Being Out of Control is not due to lazy cops...
the traffic is out of control because the drivers are out of control
if people just spent a little time police-ing themselves
a little common sense and common courtesy goes a long way

if people brought down their acceleration and their maximum speed to a ration level
then made complete stops at the Stop Line
well... the roads would be a different place
that simple start would change so much
it would lessen the car chaos
it would lessen the dangers on the road
it would lessen the raised heart rates that lead to road rage

there needs to be a mass awakening
people need to be shaken and woken up
this should be so easy

well... a good percentage of the population would be in control
even if these parents improved their driving only when their kids are in their cars... this would alter the behavior of a good percentage of the drivers on the road!

teaching your child to drive does not start when they are fifteen and a half
your teaching starts when you drive that baby home from the hospital
that lesson in driving continues each and every time you get behind the wheel with your child in the back seat

think about it!
it is a simple rule of life... an adolescent child pushes the parameters of what is modeled around them
what sort of imprinting are the parents of today presenting?
not so good!