last set of photos from Hains Point.... you hope!

no one without press credentials was allowed to pass this man
well... except for the people who just walked past
I foolishly asked if I could step in further
while others just slipped on through

eventually I stepped a few steps past the line
that line where no one without press credentials was supposed to pass

I missed the wrestling of the beast
the unearthing and the raising with the crane all happened before I arrived
honestly... I think that the departing procession was all I needed to see

part of me does not care for the distribution of these images
I feel that the fragmented figure looses some of its mystery when it is revealed that things were not really any deeper than what we had seen

was I looking to see some grand metallic phallus?
no... but the child in me likes to joke about such things
low hanging fruit? lowest common denominator?
as inappropriate as jokes may be at times... the inappropriateness or the childlikeness of it all is what makes it funny
no... I do not want a Mrs. Awakening sculpted in the likeness of Pam Anderson or Jenna Jameson
but... Heidi Klum would work